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At Commusoft we always want to make sure you are using the software at its full potential!

So that's why we produced a series of webinars to help you make the most out of the features on your plan called: How to level up your business with Commusoft!

All three of these episodes aired in mind July 2022, so are all still jam-packed with useful information and tips on the great features of the Go Paperless plan!

These webinars are all focused on a different group of features that link together. Take a watch of the video below to view an overview of the webinar series!

Episode 1 - Portal deep dive

The first webinar is focused on Commusoft’s extensive range of portals, including our invoice portal, online booking portal and many more! These portals aim to give your customers access to more tools that make their lives easier and speed up certain processes within your business. During this webinar, Daniel shows you each of the five portals and how they can help level up your business. Watch the recording now!

Episode  2 - Parts management and suppliers

The second webinar in the series focuses on features such as parts management, and how you can manage parts and materials through the business. We’ll also look at the supplier module and how you can use Commusoft to track purchase orders and supplier invoices with each of your suppliers. Finally, Daniel goes through job costing and how all of this ties together to help you track costs and ultimately profit against each of your jobs. Watch the recording now! 

Episode 3 - Recalls, consolidated invoicing and job workflow templates

Our final webinar in this series focuses on some small but mighty features that you may not know about! This will include Recalls, Consolidated Invoicing and Job Workflow Templates. These are features that can help streamline various processes throughout your business. Watch the recording now!

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