New update on web: CP12, service reminders, additional work...

Marine Klein
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What happened at Commusoft the last two weeks? Our web team released new updates and fixed bugs.

1# CP12 certificate fixes related to defect on appliance when more than one appliance was on the certificates

2# CP12 goes now on 1 page only.

Domestic_Gas_Safety_24 (1).png

3# Created by / Date / Time are on credit notes 


4# When you set up an accounting integration again, Commusoft recognise this and act accordingly

5# Process all service reminders takes into account filter searches as dates or service type.


6# Role based update: on mobile and desktop you can hide markup on part based on their roles.

7# Costs and sales price of part on markup can now be equal to zero. 

8# Leave question is now showing the correct order on pdf job report 

9# If additional work are added to a job the number appears on the additional work tabs.

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