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If you missed the last blog then you may not have known that the development team have been hard at work over the last couple of months, to give the mobile app a much-needed facelift!

Not only does the design look great but it also serves a valuable purpose, modernising the app's structure to lead the way for future developments, improving user experience and resolving a few underlying performance issues!

Update requirements:

Android users will not need to currently update their operating system, however, Apple users will need to update to iOS 12 as a minimum to be able to update the app. For more information check out the knowledge base guide on minimum requirements for running Commusoft.

Why has the app been updated?

The app has been updated for a number of reasons, as mentioned above, user experience was a big priority. With the new design, there are any changes that will help improve how your engineers can utilise the app. For starters, the iOS and Android apps will now look and act the same to give users similar experiences no matter what device or system they are using!

Performance is also an important factor when deciding to update the app, and it has paid off. For Android, the time it takes to save data and sync to the web has reduced by 65%, whilst job number and job data sync have reduced by 66%! For iOS, app speeds were already relatively quick, but we did see a 59% speed increase for data to update from web to mobile.

New screens

HubSpot Video

The app currently has 4 new screens, which we will go into much more detail below. The development team will continue to remodel and reshape the app until all screens adhere to the new design!

The update will be available for all plans (including Legacy), and you will be able to change between the new and old app designs in the meantime. However, there will be a point in the future when the old interface will be removed, so it will be good practice to use the new UI from the get-go! 

On installation, as you can see in the video above you will be met with instructions on the new screen. Make sure to choose 'use new layout' and it will configure your settings to start using the new design!

These new screens are the: Home Screen, Diary Screen, Search Screen and My Van Screen. These screens are all instantly accessible via a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Home Screen

Instead of taking your engineers straight to the diary, the home screen will allow them to see multiple widgets to help prepare them for the day! 

Home screen image 1

The first is the action widget, this is the orange box at the top of the screen. It will let your engineers know on the given day how many events there are to accept. This widget will display until all events are accepted to help promote accepting all jobs available in the morning. It will also show any parts that need to be collected or returned helping to keep your engineers and stock organised!

The next widget is the ongoing job widget, this will display the current job accepted. You are then able to get to the client or job details through the home screen, without the need to manually search for the client or job in the diary or switch screens.

Below this, is the my next event widget. This will show a map and route of the next event you have in your diary, as long as it is set to a specific time (not all day, morning or afternoon). Your engineers will also get a prompt to call their next customer if they are running late to the appointment, and they are able to call straight from the home screen.

Diary screen

The diary screen has been totally revamped! You are able to pick between three views, list, daily and monthly. All views vary in different ways, but we recommend using the list view as your primary view. 

This is because it shows only the jobs on the chosen date, so is the clearest and no matter the length of each job, whether it be 15 minutes or 1 hour, all the relevant details will be displayed. The daily view has some constraints due to it showing all the time slots within the day, whether there is a job or not, and monthly shows multiple days which could cause confusion.

diary views

For the list and Monthly view, the events will display different colours due to certain actions, either grey, green or red.

Different icons - arrive, travel, abort, no access
  • Grey - Not Actioned
  • Green - Accept/Travel/Arrive/Leave
  • Red - Rejected/Aborted/No Access

Each action will also be represented by a different icon, as you can see on the right-hand side of the screen.

The jobs in daily view look slightly different, they will have the engineer's user colour applied to each job, as shown in the image above, as well as the icons.

You are also able to add a normal event, estimate, job or rebook an event with just a tap of the screen, using the small + within the purple circle. 

Search screen

The search screen allows your engineers to search for any customer, supplier, estimate, job or invoice, helping them find the information they need within a number of seconds! Engineers can also use this to initiate remote support with customers. This screen can also be used to add a property or supplier to your system.

Search screen - searching for a customerSearch screen - adding a supplier or customer

My Van screen

The 'my van screen' is essentially the same as the 'my van' app! Just like the app, you can see what parts are available inside your van, but without the need to swap between different apps. You also have the ability to add new parts to your van via search or using the barcode scanner, helping to keep your van logged and organised!

Part screen


Settings can be found in the top left corner of the home screen. This is where you can edit your profile to add an icon image, see your diagnostics and enter Commusoft labs to change a variety of settings, including the option to change diary. If your app seems to not be syncing correctly, there is a manual sync button on the top right of this screen

Settings and lab

How to update?

On iOS if you haven't updated your devices for a while you may not be able to update the app, you will need to first update the operating system first. This can be found in settings > general > software update.

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