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Commusoft already offers various tools for creating estimates from the office or on site. You can customise the look and layout, add company icons and industry accreditations, modify price breakdowns, set up the invoice schedule, easily email to customers, and even allow customers to accept estimates online via the estimate portal.

This week, we've added several improvements to the process for accepting estimates, which are now live in Commusoft:

  • Take a signature when the customer accepts an estimate
  • Add a custom disclaimer message when they sign
  • Display the signature on the final estimate document
  • Clearly mark the estimate as "Accepted"
  • Bonus: New estimates tag available

Make customers' acceptance of estimates more clear

Estimates and site surveys take time and effort for your team to provide. It's understandably frustrating if a customer accepts an estimate, only to back out before you start work. This update to our estimates feature is designed to provide you with some additional tools to help avoid this scenario and to reinforce your customers commitment to the agreed work.

Customers now sign to accept estimates

Signature required to accept estimateWhen a customer accepts an estimate in person, they are now required to provide their signature to confirm they agree to the planned work and quoted price. By taking a signature at this stage, it makes it more clear that this is a firm commitment and not simply a loose agreement.

If no customer is present (e.g. they are accepting the estimate over the phone), you can select "No person present" from the dropdown list. This will remove the signature capture box.

Note: For the online estimate portal, signatures will not be taken. As this is a web based portal, collecting signatures would not be practical. However, their name will be recorded on the PDF.

Add a custom disclaimer

Estimate disclaimer message on mobileYou can add a custom disclaimer that will appear when accepting an estimate. This is a space for you to clarify what exactly signing the estimate means for the customer. This could include their commitment to pay, the cancellation period, or anything else you see fit to include.

Remember, this disclaimer is used across all estimates (including the estimate portal),
therefore it will need to be applicable to all types of estimates you provide. You can, however, use tags to customise the disclaimer by adding any of the customer or estimate tags. This includes the brand new estimate price tag.

To set this up, head over to System Settings and find the new settings page 'Setup estimate disclaimer message'.

Setup estimate disclaimer message

Simply type out the message into the text box and hit save. If you wish to add tags, click the blue 'Use tagging' button. This disclaimer will now display to the customer when they accept an estimate.

Estimate disclaimer message setting

Show signatures on completed estimates

To provide clarity going forward, the customer's signature and the disclaimer will be displayed on the completed estimate document. This provides greater professionalism and also serves as a reminder to the customer and your team that the estimate as been signed-off.

Clearly mark the estimate as "Accepted"

As well as displaying the customer signature, the accepted estimate will be watermarked as ACCEPTED. This helps you clearly identify which estimates have been approved in your records and continues to reinforce to the customer their acceptance of the estimate, work, and payment.

Estimate PDF with "Accepted" watermark and customer signature

Bonus: New estimate 'Price' tag

Jessie J used to tell us to "forget about the price tag", but forget that, we're all about the price tag. That's why we've added a new estimate tag, available to be included in any estimate related messages. The [estimate_price] tag references the total price of the estimate, so you can easily and automatically quote it in email or SMS communications.

That covers this update to estimates! Let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter.

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