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As many of you will know, Sage 50 Desktop is one of the accounting softwares that can be integrated with Commusoft. Sage 50 version 27 has been supported since May and now a brand new upgraded interface is available! If you're a Sage 50 user, make sure you check out the important information below.

The Sage 50 Desktop interface allows Sage 50 and Commusoft to ‘communicate' enabling your accounting information to transfer between the two systems, so it is important to re-install the updated Sage interface. This will ensure that the integration continues to run smoothly and you are on the latest and greatest version of the Sage interface we have available.

**Commusoft currently supports Sage 50 version 24.2 to 27**

Installing the new Sage interface

Before installing the new interface, we strongly advise you to carefully read this Knowledge-base article. This will take you through the entire setup process, so is an important step to help you avoid any problems that could occur, especially if you are not a tech whiz!

The interface must only be installed once, so to start, uninstall and then re-install exclusively to your main Sage PC or server. If you have any queries or issues, as always please reach out to the support team who are happy to assist.

Useful information

Please see below for some technical information regarding the Sage 50 accounting software:

  • VAT Method & Tax Codes - It is important you understand and know your VAT methods and tax codes. These need to be cross-referenced between Sage and Commusoft to ensure records pass over correctly. To check these go to: Company settings > Accounting interfaces > Dashboard > Quick links > Edit credential.

  • Sage Interface runs as a Windows service. Once installed open 'Services' on the Sage PC/Server to stop and start the Sage Interface service if needed. The services take 10 mins to initialise and these are the checkpoints you will see in Event viewer > Windows Log > Applications.
  • Automatic delayed start - At times when Windows updates or as the PC boots up, the service may not start correctly, as all Windows services and processes take priority. You can set the service to Automatic (Delayed Start) to reduce this.

  • Anti Virus - Add expectation/exclusions for the Sage interface. Folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\SageInterface Program - SageInterfaceService.exe

  • Taking a Sage 50 Backup - It is recommended that all records in 'Processing' and 'Failed' are sent successfully to Sage before you carry out the Sage backup. It is also highly recommended to stop the Sage interface service to avoid any delays in taking the Sage backup. This is because our interface is working away in the background and is continually checking-in with Sage.
    • The Sage Interface runs as Window service - Open up Services on the Sage PC/Server to stop and start the Sage Interface service as required.
    • The services take 10 mins to initialise

  • If you are upgrading your Sage 50 version - Before you upgrade your sage version, please read this guide carefully. Upgrading/Updating your Sage 50.

  • Sage 50 Error Checking - Sage has added an extra layer of checks, view this article to see how it may affect you. Sage 50 - Sage 50 - Payment Allocations.

  • Character limits - Sage 50 has introduced character limits on certain fields please review the article so you can adjust workflows as necessary. Sage 50 - Character Length.

  • CIS -  This is not supported, if you use our CIS function within Commusoft, these records will fail to send to Sage.

  • Reverse VAT is supported for Sage 50 v27.1 and above.
    • You will need to update Company settings > Accounting interfaces > Dashboard > Quick links > Edit credential > Set the tax codes for reverse VAT.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are not on a supported Sage 50 version and use reverse VAT on invoices, these will send over to Sage 50 and you will need to manually adjust the VAT to reflect correctly.

Looking for more integrations?

All accounting integrations are available on all Commusoft plans, but to see other integrations that you may not know were available, see our integration marketplace.

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