New certificates - our first for renewable energy

Paul Hewson
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We've been on a roll with certificates, introducing new gas, oil, and fire & safety certificates over the past few weeks. 

We're not showing any signs of slowing down - we have a whole new industry that we will now support. Renewable Energy. As such, you can now complete the Solar PV System Inspection Report on your mobile device.

Solar PV System Inspection Report

The Solar PV System Inspection Report is essential for any renewable energy engineer to inspect and test a solar photovoltaic system. Testing and inspecting PV systems is something many installers are called on to do. This could be due to system performance issues, routine maintenance, or a change of ownership.

Solar PV Certificate

By using the Commusoft certificates feature, renewable energy engineers can speed up the process by autocompleting customer details from the job record, using dropdown menus to quickly select answers, and easily capturing signatures electronically.

Certificates are safely backed up in the cloud and PDFs (with your company logo and colours) available instantly to email to the customer. If you work with PV systems, we hope this certificate can help you complete inspections more efficiently and provide a better service to your customers.

If you would like to begin using this certificate but don’t yet see it in your certificate list in the app, please get in touch with client services by emailing They’ll be able to make it available to you promptly.

If you have any feature suggestions or have an idea for a new certificate, please let us know here. We're always making updates to the system and are all ears to your thoughts.

If you have a request for a certificate but know that it's uncommon or exclusive to your business, you're in luck. We can develop it for you as part of professional services. Just get in touch with support to discuss your needs and our Custom Certificate offerings.

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