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This week we released redesigned filters for all of Commusoft's reports. However, we also added two new reporting tools we'd like to tell you about - the Parts Status Widget and the Parts Operational List.

Both of these assist you with managing parts across jobs and let you more easily track which parts are requested, on order, or available. With the parts operational list you can quickly organise and update the status of those parts too.

This update to Commusoft provides office staff with new tools to improve parts management workflows, save time, and offer greater reporting and oversight for parts.

Would you like to use our parts management features, but not sure where to start? Contact support, via, for friendly advice and guidance.

Parts status widget

Your reporting dashboard can now show you the status of parts across all of your jobs.

Parts widget

This new widget gives you a quick overview of the following parts:

  • Requested parts
    This is the total number of parts that have been requested, but not yet ordered.

  • Parts on order
    The total number of parts on order from a supplier.

  • Parts available with no future diary event
    Parts that have been marked as available against a job, however, there is no future diary event related to the job. It may be helpful to see these parts, so you know which jobs need diary events scheduling to install remaining parts.

You can click on any of the numbers in the widget to view the full details in the parts operational list.

Adding the widget to your dashboard

From the Quick links menu on the reporting tab, you can choose 'Add / remove dashboard widgets' to see the list of available widgets. Scroll down to the 'Parts status' widget and tick the box to add it to your dashboard. Don't forget you can drag and drop the widgets around your dashboard to get the layout that suits you best.

Add parts widget

Parts operational list

The parts operational list is accessible in two ways - by clicking on any of the numbers on the part status widget, or from the 'Parts' section of the reporting menu.

Like the parts status widget, this report shows you requested, on order, and available parts. However, we've built an interface directly into the report to allow you to action these parts as required. Let's walk through how to use each section of this comprehensive report - you can also check out this knowledge base article.

Requested parts

Take a look at all of your company's requested parts and easily see which job they relate to.

Parts operational list - requested

You can view the name of the part, manufacturer number, quantity requested, and which user made the request. You'll also see the job number (click it to go to the job!) as well as the job address. This is the easiest way to get an overview of the parts requested by your engineers.

Fulfilling parts

We've made it incredibly easy to fulfil parts - simply tick the box next to the parts you wish to fulfil, or select all of the parts for a single job by ticking the box beside the job number. Next, click 'Fulfil selected parts'  and choose whether to assign parts from existing stock or by raising a purchase order with a supplier.

Order requested parts

Note: You'll notice that once you select parts from a job, the other jobs will become greyed out and unable to be selected. This is because it's not possible to fulfil parts across different jobs at the same time - each job requires its own purchase order to track job costings.

On order parts

If you have parts on order from a supplier they will appear in the 'On order' tab.

Parts operational list - on order

Unlike the requested parts tab, which is organised by job, on order parts are organised by the date they are due in (this is the delivery date chosen by you when you raise the purchase order). This allows you to look down the list and see which parts are expected in and when. It's never been easier to track the parts you are waiting for and mark them as available in bulk.

Mark parts as available

We've built an efficient way to mark parts as arrived. Simply tick the box next to the parts that you wish to update and click the 'Mark as available' button. Unlike the requested tab, you can mark parts as available across different jobs, due dates, and suppliers, as there is no impact on job costing - that's a real time saver for your office staff!

Mark parts as available

Available parts

Once you mark a part as available, it will show in this tab underneath the corresponding job, as long as there are no future diary events scheduled for that job.

Parts operational list - available

Therefore, you can use this tab as a tool to assist with scheduling and planning. Choose the job that has parts waiting to be installed and click 'Create new diary event'. This will take you to the diary, where you can add the appointment for that job as normal.

Diary event from available parts

Once you save the event, you'll be brought back to the parts operational list and can pick up where you left off.

Note: Once a job is completed, if there were available parts that were not installed, they won't show in this list.

Filter the report

If you have many parts in these lists, you may wish to use the filters to help find what you're looking for. All you have to do is click into the new filter bar at the top of the report and select one of the filters. Make sure you click the 'Apply filters' button to update the results.

The filter options vary across the different stages of the parts operational list, but include filters like part name, requested by, PO number, job number, made available on, and many others.

Parts operational list - filters

See here for more information on using the new reporting filters.

That covers the new parts status widget and the parts operational list! Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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