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We've enhanced our reporting tools with a new job status widget for the reporting dashboard. We know how many of you rely on reports to quickly see which jobs need your attention, so we have also added new filters for job reports. Keep reading to learn more about this improvement to reporting.

*Update* - We made some updates to the job status report in July 2018, see the new blog post for the changes.

Job status widget

You can already access job status reports in Commusoft - showing you things like which jobs have no diary events, which are in progress, and which are completed. However, these have previously only been accessible one at a time from the reporting sidebar, meaning it wasn't as easy as we would like for you to view these reports.

The job status widget lets you see all of this critical data directly from your reporting dashboard, giving you a powerful operational overview. This means when you want to quickly see how many jobs need scheduling or need invoicing, you simply have to check the dashboard. If you then wish to see the full list of jobs that meet that criteria, simply click on the number and the full report will open.


The job status widget, above, displays the following jobs:

- Without diary events - jobs that have never had a diary event.

Useful to see jobs that may need scheduling or jobs that need deleting.

- In progress - jobs with future diary events scheduled.

Quickly see the jobs that are scheduled and going ahead.

- Need attention - jobs that have been started, are not yet completed, but have no future diary events scheduled.

Lets you address jobs that need more work scheduling in order to complete, or jobs which have incorrectly not been marked as 'complete'.

- On hold - jobs that have been put on hold.

See which jobs are on hold and may need follow-up or a status update.

- Completed - jobs that have been been marked as completed, but not yet been invoiced (or free of charged).

These jobs require your attention as they need to be invoiced.

Adding a dashboard widget

Reporting dashboard

To add the job status widget (or any other widgets) to the dashboard, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Reporting tab in Commusoft.
  2. Click 'Quick Links' and then click 'Add/ remove dashboard widgets'Here you can choose which widgets appear in the dashboard, simply click on the widget you wish to add.
  3. The new 'Job status' widget will be found at the bottom of the list. Once selected, click save.

The chosen widget will now be displayed on the dashboard, whenever you view the reporting tab.

Remember, you can rearrange this dashboard as you wish. Drag and drop any of the widgets into your preferred layout and that view will be saved for the next time you open the dashboard.

Move widget

New job report filters

In addition to the job status widget, we have added several new filters for job reports, which allow you to dive even further into your job data.

These report filters can be accessed by clicking 'More filters' from within a job report.


This will open up the side panel of filters, where you can choose which filters apply to this report. If you'd like to save the report and its custom filters you have chosen, click 'Quick links' and then click 'Save'. (Learn more about custom reports).

Job report filters

The new job report filters available are:

- First engineer on site - Choose from a list of your Commusoft users, to display jobs where that selected user was the first engineer on site.

- User group - View jobs assigned to users from a selected user group. (Learn more about user groups).

- Invoice category - See jobs that have invoices belonging to the selected invoice category. (Learn more about invoice categories).

We have also added a new option to the Diary filter within job reports. You can see where to access that, below.

Job diary filter

- Diary events where the last event has been left - this filter allows you to see jobs that have not been marked as complete, however, the last event has been 'left' by the engineer. This could mean that a follow-up appointment is needed or the engineer forgot to mark the job as complete.

If you haven't checked out the job report filters recently, you may notice there is also a recent addition of the 'Jobs booked from external applications' filter. This will display any job requests booked via our new online booking form - check out the blog to learn more about that feature.

Don't see these updates?

If you cannot see this new widget in Commusoft, make sure you clear your browser's cache. If you are still having trouble, please contact for assistance.

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