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The Commusoft team have had a busy week at this year's Facilities Show - meeting new people and showing off major new features we've been working on. It's great to be able to finally reveal all of this hard work that the development team have put in.

FSE19 team

So without further ado, let's discuss the new features we're bringing to Commusoft this summer.

Asset Management

We've been wanting to do more with assets for a while, so we've built an entirely new system that goes far beyond the current appliances feature. With properly organised assets, staff can see every linked job and work history, add assets to contracts and PPM (more on that in a moment!), and install and update assets from site. For more advanced asset management, you can create fully customisable asset structures that meet your business's unique needs.

Assets - gas industry

For existing users, assets will replace the current Appliances feature in Commusoft. We'll have more information soon on the transition between these two systems.

Pricing: Basic asset management is included on all plans. Custom asset structures will only be available on the Automation plan.

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Contract Management

Last year we conducted a survey on contracts and the sorts of tools users would be looking for. With that information and lots of hard work, we've developed a new contract management solution for Commusoft.

Contracts can easily be lost track of if they aren’t organised alongside your work and customer data. That’s why we're adding contract templates, segmented billable rates, and pricing items and parts. Contracts also include the exact assets covered, any fair usage terms, SLAs, as well as planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules.

Contract details

Pricing: Standard contract management is available on the Paperless Office plan and above. Additional advanced contract tools will be available on the Automation plan.

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Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Planned preventive maintenance comes as part of our contract management offering. If your customers expect time-based planned maintenance, you will soon be able to create detailed PPM schedules as part of the service contract. PPM schedules are incredibly visual and interactive in Commusoft, allowing you to view the entire annual diary and every required task.

PPM example

Set how often each task needs to occur and simply click to add planned work to the chosen week. PPM jobs will then be automatically created by the system closer to the appointment date. If there is a more efficient schedule, the system will suggest revisions to reduce the number of visits you make to the property.

Pricing: PPM is available on the Paperless Office plan and above.

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Service Level Agreements

We had noticed that other software would offer "SLA features" that didn't actually track SLAs. So for our larger clients who have service level agreements with their customers, we're adding the ability to fully monitor and report on those within Commusoft.

SLAs example

SLAs are put front-and-centre on the job screen to show which need to be met, which will expire soon, and which have been successfully completed. Automatic notifications keep even the busiest office staff up to date, informing them at set intervals before an SLA breaches. Efficient tracking of SLAs is central to reducing penalty fees and improving compliance.

Pricing: SLAs are included on the Automation plan and above.

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What do you think of these new features?

We're always looking to see how we can continue to add value to Commusoft - and we think we're definitely doing that with assets, contracts, PPM, and SLAs! We'll be focusing on each of these features as and when they become available over the summer - so look our for more content in the near future.

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