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We're bringing our vehicle tracking software on the go with our new vehicle tracking app for iOS and Android. Stay on top of real-time locations and view driver trip history, even when you're on the move. 🚚

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Our vehicle tracking app is a brand new addition to our existing Real-Time Vehicle Tracking system. If you don't yet use our van tracking feature, check out the webinar to learn more.

Please bear in mind that this feature is only available on our Paperless Office/ Go Paperless plan and above. If you're not on this plan, book a meeting or call the team on 0203 0266 266 about upgrading today.

Real-time vehicle locations in your palm

Field service business owners and managers are regularly on the road, whether going to jobs, visiting company branches, or meeting clients and partners. But being away from the office shouldn't mean being out of touch with your team.

Commusoft keeps you up to date with Commusoft - Vehicle Tracking appeverything. Now with our tracker app you can see the real-time and historic locations of all of your vehicles. (Did you know you already can view and manage multiple engineers' diaries from your smartphone too?).

Forget wasting time calling into the office to ask for an update on the schedule and everybody's whereabouts - you have everything you need right in your phone (or tablet!).

Simply open up the Commusoft - Vehicle Tracking app to browse your engineers' locations. Zoom out and you'll see the total number of engineers in different areas, or zoom in to see each individual's location. Check out both the Android and iOS versions of the tracker app below.

Real-time locations on Android   Real-time locations on iOS

Find engineers in seconds

Looking for a particular engineer? Whether you're on the iOS app or the Android app, just tap the search icon in the top right corner to open the search panel. You can either choose from the list of all of your engineers (with trackers) or type a name in to search for them. 🔍

Once you select a user, you'll be taken to their real-time location on the map - if that's not available, you'll see their last known location.

Search for engineers in the tracking appSee any engineer's location on your phone 

We have a couple ways to display whether an engineer's location is up to date. Firstly, when viewing a user's profile (by tapping their icon) you will see the date and time that they were last seen.

On iPhone: You'll also see a clock icon on the user's image, meaning the tracker hasn't sent information for a while.

Idle engineer on iOS
- If the icon is orange it means the tracker is idle - it hasn't transmitted data for more than 20 minutes, but less than 1 hour.

Offline engineer on iOS
- If the clock icon is red, then the location was last
updated over 1 hour ago. The tracker is offline.

On Android: 
Instead of a clock icon you'll see whether the tracker is online, offline, or idle from the user's profile.

Idle engineer on Android

- Idle means data hasn't been transmitted for more than 20 minutes, but less than 1 hour.

Offline engineer on Android

 - Offline means data hasn't been received from the tracker for over 1 hour.

Trip history at your fingertips

From an engineer's profile you don't just get access to their real-time location, but also their historical trip data. This means you can monitor a vehicle's whereabouts earlier that day or even up to a month prior, giving you oversight of your company property at all times.

Swipe up to open the list of trips from the past month (you can also tap the orange icon on iOS devices). It works very similarly to the driver trip report on the web version - you'll see the time and address for both the start and end of the trip, and can tap on a trip to see the route taken on the map. On iOS you can then just swipe through the cards at the bottom to change the view to the next trip.

 Android vehicle tracking app showing an engineer's past trips Trip and route viewing on iPhone

What do I need to get started?

First, you'll need to have purchased your trackers from us and be set up with our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking system (available on the Paperless Office / Go Paperless plan and above). If you haven't yet, give us a call to learn more on 0203 0266 266. 📞

Next, you'll need to download the Commusoft - Vehicle Tracking app to your phone or tablet from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you struggle to find the app via the search, either use the links above or go to the Commusoft Ltd developer page - unfortunately, as the app is new it can take some time to appear in search results.

Finally, log in with your Commusoft ID, username, and password. Note, you'll need to be an Office Staff user role or above in order to view tracking information.


This is the just first iteration of our vehicle tracking app and we'll be looking to improve upon it in the future. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the app and its functionality, so please consider leaving a review on the app store or reaching out to us with your feedback. 👍

Not yet using Commusoft vehicle tracking?

Commusoft's Real-Time Vehicle Tracking solution allows field service businesses to see the live location of vans directly from their job management software - and now from the vehicle tracking app too! You can also access much more, with driver trip history, safe driving data, and the engineer profile portal. This links engineer tracking data with your diary, scheduling tools, and job records for an all-in-one solution.

Benefits include:

  • Highly precise location tracking
  • More responsive scheduling based on location
  • A visual record of driver trips
  • Insight into usage of company vehicles outside work hours
  • Engineer tracking portal for customers
  • Know how drivers treat their vehicle - speeding, mileage, and safe handling data
  • Vehicle Tracking app brings tracking data on the move

We've put together a Real-Time Vehicle Tracking brochure with info on the features and trackers we offer.

Download Brochure

If you're interested in implementing vehicle tracking software and want to learn more about all the benefits and what it looks like in practice - check out our webinar, where Jack covers everything.


Love our new tracking app? We'd love to hear your thoughts. You can do so from the app store or via software review site, Capterra.

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