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Rummaging around in the back of your van is no doubt a familiar experience for your engineers - and often a frustrating one when it turns out you can't find what you were looking for! To make things easier, we've updated Commusoft's stock control feature so you can now see exactly what stock you have in your van straight from the mobile app.

Not only that, but the 'My Van' feature also adds barcode scanning for engineers, on-the-road stock transfers, and even quicker access to find which parts are in stock and where.

Stock control is available on Commusoft's Customer Journey plan. If you are already using stock control, the new 'My Van' function has been added and is ready to use. To learn more about upgrading to the Customer Journey plan and taking control of your stock management processes, book a call with the sales team.

This blog covers:

What is stock control?

If you're not up to speed on Commusoft's stock control feature, we've got you covered!

To put it simply stock control enables you to manage every single part used by your business, whether in the stockroom, warehouse, or engineers' vans. With accurate oversight of your stock process you can save both time and money and run a more efficient business.

For more details and information on how stock control works and the benefits it can bring to your business, check out the following:

View and search van stock

The 'My Van' feature is accessed from the engineer's Commusoft app (not the Stockroom app which is designed for stockroom managers).

Simply tap into the menu and select 'My van' to view a list of every item and quantity in stock in your van. Each item can be tapped to view more details, such as an image (if there isn't one you can add it), whether a barcode is linked, and which other locations have stock of this item.My van stock overview series

By using the search bar at the top of the screen, engineers can easily find whether a specific part is in stock in their van. So no matter if your van contains 100+ parts, it only takes a second to check whether the item you need is there.

Transfer parts to your van

In addition to knowing what you have in stock in your van, this update also adds in the ability for engineers to transfer stock into their van too.

This is incredibly helpful for engineer-to-engineer stock transfers out on the road. Instead of returning to the stockroom to have the stock manager process a transfer, engineers can now arrange transfers between one another without returning to the stockroom or involving another member of staff.

My van stock add part series

This also means that engineers can transfer stock directly from the stockroom to their van as well. How you choose to implement this in your business is up to you - however, this feature offers you the flexibility to streamline stock pickups and transfers in ways that you couldn't before.

How do transfers work?

From the mobile app, tap the plus icon and search for the part you are looking for (you can also use the barcode scanner if you have the same part in front of you). Once you've selected the correct item, you'll be able to see any stock locations that have the item and the quantity available. Select the desired quantity and you're ready to complete the transfer. Of course, if you are transferring a stock item from another engineer's van, you'll want to communicate with them and arrange a good time to pick up the item first. Note, stock can only be transferred into your van - not out of it.

Stock my van - barcode found - iphone

Scan barcodes

To make things extra easy for your engineers, the Commusoft mobile app now features barcode scanning too! From the 'add parts' screen, engineers can either type to search or tap the barcode icon to open the scanner. Scanning a barcode will reveal the linked part's name and where it's in stock. You can then complete a stock transfer as described above.

Whilst this functionality has been designed for aiding in stock transfers and pick ups, it can also be great to help identify an unknown part. Simply give it a scan to check exactly what it is!

If you scan a barcode which has not already been assigned to an item in your stock database, you'll have the opportunity to select which item it is and link them for future use.

How to use (video guide)

  • You'll need to be using stock control (available on our Customer Journey plan) in order to use the 'My Van' functionality
  • Each engineer who wishes to use it will need to have their own stock location designated for their van
  • The engineer's Commusoft app must up to date - Android 3.558 and iOS 1.150.3
  • The my van functionality does not work offline as it needs to sync in real time with your stock database

Nisha runs through how to use the 'My Van' feature in this helpful video guide:

Learn about stock control | Learn about the Customer Journey plan

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