More spreadsheets rolling out across Commusoft and some helpful updates

Lauren Burgess

A few weeks ago we announced that spreadsheet functionality had been rolled out to a number of areas within Commusoft and more would be coming soon. We’re happy to share that after this weekend you’ll see spreadsheets on customer invoices, credit notes and cash allocation screens. Here’s the full list of functions available in every spreadsheet:

  • Click and drag to select multiple cells
  • Click, hold shift and use arrow keys to select multiple cells
  • Click corner and drag to duplicate data down columns
  • CTRL+Z to undo actions
  • CTRL+Y to redo actions
  • Hit the delete key to clear data from highlighted cells
  • Setup defaults to apply to all rows

And here’s the video we produced last time to help recap your knowledge:

So is there anything that makes these new spreadsheets different? Yes!

Cash allocation

The cash allocation screen currently looks like this:

Every outstanding invoice that you would potentially like to allocate cash against is listed on the screen. If there’s only one or two outstanding invoices against a particular customer this isn’t a big issue, but enterprise customers can have dozens. This means you have to spend time searching through them to locate one. Our update eliminates the pre-populated table and instead provides search functionality. Check out the video below for all the ways you can search for an invoice in the new spreadsheets.

Pricing items come to customer invoices

If you choose full breakdown or full breakdown by category for your customer invoice, whether it’s partial or final, you can add pricing items and use the same search functionality that’s available in the cash allocation spreadsheet.

VAT exclusive/inclusive option

You can now choose to tell the system whether the prices you’ve put in a spreadsheet are exclusive or inclusive of VAT. This option is available on customer invoices, customer credit notes, supplier purchase orders, supplier invoices and supplier credit notes.

Check out the video below to see how the updates to pricing items and VAT work.

If anything on your system doesn’t seem to be working after this release, try clearing the cached files on your browser — it’ll give you access to all these great new updates!

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