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Kafui Mortty

We're always updating and improving Commusoft to ensure that all our customers are using the very best version of the software. We make proactive decisions to upgrade our functionality regularly, as well as taking on feedback and advice from our customers too. Hearing the kinds of updates and changes you are interested in is invaluable to us and allows us to identify your needs as they evolve and make sure we're meeting them adequately!

Adding service reminders to your Notes & Communications:

Service reminders are a super-useful way to keep your customers up to date about upcoming works that are due to be carried out at their properties. As useful as this feature is, before now, it was difficult to be certain of how many of these service reminders had gone out (whether that is via email, SMS or letter).

We've now made it easy to track the service reminders related to your customers and their properties. From the 'Notes & communications' tab, you will now have a record of service reminders that have been sent out as well as how they've been sent.

'Last communication' dates on Purchase Orders:

Emailing your supplier when a purchase order gets created helps keep track of your processes. As well as the option to email as the purchase order is created, having a date stamp keeps a record of your communication to refer to in the future in case of any confusion occurring down the line.

Now, in Commusoft, when you send an email off to a supplier informing them about a purchase order having been raised, we will make a record of this and display it on the purchase order's details. This means anytime you open the PO, you'll be able to see what an when the last communication was with the supplier. These communications in the past were fairly hidden within Commusoft. This change just makes back and forth communication easier to track between yourself and your supplier(s).

(Please note -- purchase orders are only available on the Paperless Office plan and above)

We're always keen to hear more product suggestions from all of you. If you've got ideas you think would make Commusoft work better for you, please don't hesitate to drop us an email on

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