Invoices, Payments, and Other Money Matters

Kafui Mortty

Cash rules everything around me: C.R.E.A.M. Get the money, dolla dolla bill y'all. - Wu Tang Clan (1994)

Everyone knows that keeping a close, watchful eye on your finances is just good sense. Whether you're an employer, an employee, a subcontractor or a freelancer, carefully managing your finances is paramount to keeping any business running smoothly.

Commusoft was built and is constantly updated with this core tenet in mind. We've got a comprehensive set of features, checks and balances to ensure you can track every single penny that comes through the system - from taking deposits, paying off purchase orders to simply reconciling your invoices through an accounting integration.

We integrate with a number of software platforms that make managing your finances through Commusoft even easier, meaning you don't have to juggle multiple platforms that aren't communicating with one another. From Stripe and Worldpay to SumUp and various accounting packages, we've got numerous avenues you could explore to make sure your financial management through Commusoft is as airtight as possible.

Taking Payments Quickly & Easily

We have endeavoured over the years to make taking payments from your customers as simple, straightforward, and streamlined as humanely possible for all parties involved. We allow you to save your own card details when you're purchasing trackers from us through Commusoft, so , we thought, why not let you guys collect and save your customers' card details too? Through our Stripe and Worldpay integrations, we allow you to choose whether or not you'd like to record your customers' card details when creating a job as a mandatory or optional step as well as establishing whether you'd like to accept deferred payments, similar to deposits, when you're setting up your jobs.

Our deferred payments feature is particularly useful if you have persistent issues regarding small debts. This can be a way of eliminating the need to chase up these small debts saving you time and effort as well as ensuring you receive payment.

Saving these card details makes taking payments from your customers a breeze for both parties. You can even add and remove cards from their individual customer portals rather than when booking a job meaning you can preemptively update any out of date details before a job is even due to be booked in the first place.

You guys are probably already more than aware that, these days, contactless payments are all the rage. Never one to be behind the curve, we've also got a fantastic integration with SumUp.

This lets your engineers take instant, contactless (given the amount) payments from your customers on site as soon as their work there is done. To set this up all you need is your Commusoft mobile app and a SumUp subscription and you're good to go! This payment method automatically updates the related invoice within Commusoft once a payment has been completed which is just one more thing you guys won't need to worry about.

If you're not already using SumUp, check it out and see if it's something you could introduce to your own workflows for whatever reason.

We've also got a brilliant online portal through which your customers can make their payments via Stripe or Worldpay. With everything these days getting pushed onto digital platforms, for better or worse, having an online invoice portal allows your customers to make payments with a few quick clicks from their email. This is a great way to steam the number of unpaid jobs you end up having to chase after as well.

Deposits, Partial or Interim Payments

Do you take deposits for your jobs? Do you, maybe, take multiple payments for a single job or let your customers pay in installments? No problem, we can handle all of that and more. Our invoicing system is flexible and comprehensive enough to mould to whatever kind of workflow you use when charging customers and taking payments.

Our use of partial and final invoices allows you to segment and categories payments on your jobs to suit the way in which you handle charging your customers. You can use partial invoices to take payments initially in the form of a deposit and then raise a final invoice once any works have been completed.

Similarly, you can raise a 'partial' invoice for the full job amount and then take various payments off one at a time before converting your 'partial' invoice into a final one. The latter workflow allows you to take interim payments or divide your work and charges into individual installments to make things easier or just simpler for your customers.

Our Invoices can be generated from any device, at any time, in any location. We built the system this way in order to free up time for your office staff by allowing engineers to raise invoices onsite as soon as a job is complete.

Financial Reporting through Commusoft

Estimates, expenses, profit, debtors, creditors - these, and more, are just some elements of your workflow(s) that Commusoft allows you to generate reports for. We are super proud of our reporting feature and a big chunk of that pride stems from the way in which it can handle financial reporting with such ease of use and precision. If you're not familiar with our reporting feature by now for whatever reason, brush up on it and see if it can't just change the way you work as well.

Each report comes with a number of filters. Everything from payment methods and total amounts paid, to supplier details - you can track and record the payments you're receiving, the payments you're making and anything inbetween. Generate your reports as and when you need them or create them and then simply save them and adjust your filters and/or date settings to pull through new information. However you utilise them, be it saving reusable reports for the whole team to access (profit by job, total paid according to customer properties, etc, etc) or simply filtering through a default report to snag some specific info and then downloading a PDF or printing a hard copy - Commusoft's reports pretty much do it all.

This week, we're also offering another lucky customer the chance to win 5GB of free data just for filling out our quick questionnaire - this week on how you guys manage your invoices, deposits and all that good stuff. Complete this week's questionnaire to enter yourself with the chance of winning 5GB.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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