Android and iOS app update - parts go online

Paul Hewson
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As part of our continued goal to provide a fast and responsive mobile app, we have made the decision to take parts online.

This means that parts data is no longer downloaded to the device, but will instead be accessed via the internet. We were aware that some clients were experiencing slow loading times with their mobile apps - and this was largely due to the large number of parts in their system.

Over time, especially with the ability to upload vast part lists straight from the supplier, many clients' databases have grown to include tens of thousands of parts. Downloading and syncing all of these parts is an unnecessary burden on mobile resources and proved to be detrimental to the overall experience.

As of the week of Monday 3rd of June, there is an iOS and Android update available to implement this change. As always, please routinely update the Commusoft mobile application to keep it running smoothly.

What's changed?

Key changes:

  • Parts data not accessible offline
  • Internet connection required to add parts on mobile
  • Faster mobile loading times

Not impacted:

  • Customer and job data available offline
  • Appliance data accessible offline
  • Certificates still work offline

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