Minor updates and bug fixes - May 2018

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In our latest update to Commusoft V4, we have two big new features, the estimates and after-sales care online portals. These are so cool that we dedicated an entire separate blog post to them, Introducing Online Portals: Estimates and After-sales Care.

We also made changes to make sure Commusoft is GDPR compliant, ahead of the change in law on the 25th of May - learn more about that here. However, nestled among those new features, we also have smaller updates and bug-fixes that we wanted to share with you.

Accounting integration update

We have updated the functionality for Commusoft to communicate better with your accounting packages. Previously, if you edited a customer or a supplier in Commusoft, that change would not be reflected in your accounting software. Now, edits to customer and supplier information will also be made in either QuickBooks Online, SageOne, Xero, ClearBooks, FreeAgent, or KashFlow, ensuring your data is up-to-date.

Unfortunately, due to incompatibility with this feature, this update is not available for QuickBooks Desktop or Sage Desktop integrations.

Bug fixes and suggestions

  • Added a popup asking for confirmation before manually processing service reminders. This should remove the possibility of accidentally sending service reminders unintentionally.
    Thanks to Mark from Chiswell Heating Ltd and Lincoln from Custom Heat for the suggestion.

  • If your email SMTP fails due to an issue with authentication, we will now send you a notification to let you know, so you can rectify the problem.
    Thanks to Your Local Plumbing Company for letting us know about this issue.

  • Reconciled inconsistencies between the 'Advertising performance' dashboard widget and its corresponding report. Thanks go out to Chiltern Heating and Gas Services Ltd for pointing out the error.

  • We have added permissions for editing a user's skills, to ensure that only those who need to access those settings can.

  • Fixed an issue where fields in service maintenance checklists appeared differently between the Commusoft app and the generated PDF document.

  • We've also squished a few smaller bugs to improve the running of Commusoft.

Got a bug to report?

As always, we appreciate if you report any bugs or issues you are having, so we can work on fixing it. To let us know of a problem, please contact support@commusoft.co.uk for assistance.

We hope you're happy with our efforts to keep Commusoft running top-notch for all of you. If you have a moment, we'd love to hear your thoughts! You can leave us a Capterra review and let us know how we're doing. Or, if you just fancy saying hello, give us a follow at twitter.com/commusoft!

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