Mini update round-up

Lauren Burgess

We’re always looking for little ways to improve your experience when using Commusoft. These six new updates give you a bit more control and make things feel even smoother.


1. You can now filter out your current debtors

Before now, once you’ve navigated to your debtors list from the reporting screen, you have been unable to filter out debtors who are not yet past due on their payments.

By checking the little box at the bottom of the reporting filter, you can now ensure that you’re only viewing customers who need chasing — saving you precious time and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.




2. You can change your default PDF font size

We’ve now added three additional default font size options. If you have longer, more detailed documents that you’ve sent through Commusoft, you may have found that 12pt font simply made the PDFs too long. This new level of customisation is the perfect solution.




3. Estimate templates now appear in alphabetical order

When you come to book an estimate into your engineer’s diary, the estimate templates will now appear in alphabetical order. Previously, they’ve been displayed in the order you added them. Over time, as the number of templates goes up, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate the one you need at a glance. You’ll now be able to find it without having to read every title. Result!



4. You can now edit the date of estimates

When we recently spoke to James at Huttie, he requested that we add a way of editing the dates of estimates. Well, we thought it was a great idea and decided to do just that. Now, right up until a customer accepts the estimate, you can change the date. Before, the dates included on PDFs have been from the day the estimate was provided, whether it was produced from an engineer survey or phone/web query.

To do this, you simply need to bring up an estimate, click edit, view advanced options and select the new date from the calendar.



5. The property screen loads faster

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than slow loading times. We’re constantly looking for new ways to speed up the Commusoft experience — no small feat considering the amazing amount of data that’s processed every day!

We’ve made an adjustment to the property view screen that loads your page faster by displaying grey boxes in place of data during the loading time. Check out the gif below to see it in action (blink and you’ll miss it):

property loading speed gif.gif


6. The reminders and notifications count no longer includes duplicate office task notifications

As we’re sure you already know, we recently added an office task notification panel. This made all your office tasks much clearer and easier to access. After this was implemented, you would receive a notification in this panel which would duplicate in the global notifications panel. We’ve made a small change which means that this is no longer the case — so you don’t get double the notifications to deal with.

Have a suggestion that could make Commusoft even better? Ping it over and we’ll take a look.

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