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Commusoft's Android team just released a new functionality on the diary view.
You have now the possibility to see the diary in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, list and mapping view.

That functionality will help your engineers to have a better idea of where the jobs are during the day.

Also if the engineers need to re-book a job or create a new job, he will add it near a job next to it.

Android mapping diary view2.png


When you are on the diary screen on your Android phone click on the date to see the different view options, choose 'Map', and you will see your event of the day on the map.

The map will only display the jobs and events for the day!


More about the Commusoft diary:

One thing that has become evident to us working with customers is that for service companies, a traditional calendar set-up simply doesn’t cut the mustard as far as job management is concerned. So with the upgrade, we’ve designed a scheduling tool around the way you work.

For example, drag and drop are one of the Commusoft features that customers like best. It enables you to drag and rebook jobs straight into the diary. Drag and drop are what makes it easy for you to rearrange engineers’ schedules, which is fundamental to efficient job management.

With the Commusoft upgrade launch, the new diary gives you several views: daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly view. The weekly scheduling tool is also improved so that you can quickly see availability at a glance.

We are convinced that this new diary will not only be well used but well loved!

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