Managing multiple diaries on Android mobiles

Lauren Burgess

A big part of why so many field service companies choose Commusoft for their job management software is the flexibility it affords. Being able to manage your business from wherever it takes you is a huge benefit for staff and business owners that are always on the move. The app can be used on a huge variety of devices so there’s no need to purchase additional work mobiles — it can just be downloaded onto whatever device your staff already own.

Our mobile app is packed full of helpful features that let you perform all sorts of actions, but it was designed exclusively for individual engineers, and only allowed you to manage a single diary at a time. Because of this, it was unsuitable for managers that wanted to assign work to multiple engineers. To do this, you would either need to utilise the web app or use the app on a tablet while logged in as a senior engineer, office staff member, financial office staff member or owner/manager. 

With this update (coming on Monday 26th March 2018), you’ll be able to manage multiple engineers on a mobile device in a similar way to tablets. You will of course still need to have a role with access above senior engineer. If you need to change your user access role, follow the instructions on the knowledge base article here.

How do I access this new feature?

If you’re installing the app for the first time, you’ll see a prompt after you login (assuming you have the required level of user access) asking whether or not you would like to be able to access multiple users’ diaries. Select yes.

If you don’t need to access multiple diaries, please don’t turn on this feature just for the sake of it — the massive amount of data that needs to be processed could potentially slow down your experience.

Once the settings have all been downloaded and you’re on the app, you’ll see an icon in the corner showing multiple figures. Tap this to view a list of all the available diaries. Tap the engineer’s name whose diary you’d like to view. You’ll now see their diary.

When adding a new event, you can indicate which engineer you would like to assign it to.

If the app is installed and you’re already logged in, you’ll need to ensure that the app is updated and that you’re running the latest version (after this feature's release date). If you are, you should see the multiple-figure icon in the top right. When you tap this, you’ll be asked if you would like to access multiple users’ diaries and told that you’ll be logged out and must sign in again if you wish to proceed.

Select yes to continue. You’ll now be logged out and can proceed as above to get access to the new feature.

Check out the video below to see how the process looks:

This functionality will be only available on Android mobiles for the time being, but we’re looking to roll it out to IOS some time in the near future. 

It will be available from Monday 26th March 2018.

Are you enjoying the application so far? We’d love to hear your thoughts in a review. If you would like to share some comments please do so on Capterra.

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