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This week we're pleased to announce a fantastic setup of new features along with a number of bug fixes on iPhone and iPad.

Technicians can complete parts on-site with their iPhone.

Commusoft parts management software lets engineers create and request parts with their handheld smart phones or tablets. The parts can then be ordered immediately by office staff with a few clicks. 

Partiphone1.pngWith Commusoft you can create any number of parts on your iPhone and iPad. 

Edit, Change parts status, Fullfill part or delete part from site or from the office

With Commusoft you can view/Edit part, change part status, fullfill parts or delete parts onsite from your mobile or from the office. 

partiphone3.pngEngineers can directly order parts from their mobile suppliers on-site 


Generate custom forms for immediate completion onsite

Commusoft therefore lets you create customised forms which your engineers can fill out, print and email straight from the site. These can be standard industry forms (such as gas safety certificates) or custom forms that you require for your own internal management, or forms that are designed to comply with your customers’ own standards (many customers will in any case insist that these be completed onsite). 


Want a full walkthrough of the parts feature? We have a great webinar that shows you everything you need to know. 

Watch the parts webinar

General improvements

1. Added print, print and post and email options when completing an invoice (you could do this before, we've just made it a little more intuitive).




1. Certificates should no longer get stuck as complete on the mobile while not appearing on the web.
2. We were not checking for the right diary permission when allowing users to edit the diary appointment.
3. We've reduced the number of internal notifications, improving overal performance.
4. Fixed an issue with contacts when creating a work address.
5. We no longer let you delete a part in system settings if it's been used against a job.
6. Fixed invoice a few minor invoice related issues.
7. Fixed a small issue on the 'installation date' field on appliances.


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