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We have been working hard on improving the iOS application and are happy to announce that the time has now come!

We have overhauled the Commusoft iOS app for iPhones and iPads to improve the user experience, increase speed, and add useful new features. The update is now available to all iOS users - simply download the update from the App Store to get started.

Watch the video below to see it in action.


What's changed?

New login experience

  • All new look for login

Improved performance

  • Faster performance and loading times across the app

New menu

  • Totally redesigned side menu
  • Access different diary views from side menu, including the new Map View
  • ‘Select user’ allows you to view another user’s diary (senior engineer role and above)
  • Add a user photo - tap the camera icon at the top of the side menu to take a selfie
  • Adding any type of customer is now done via ‘Add Customer’
  • Both company settings and system settings can now be found under ‘Settings’
  • Network tools is now found within ‘System Diagnostics’


  • View other users' diaries - note, the diary owner’s name displays at the top of the diary
  • Refreshed diary look and interface
  • Brand new Map View - See all jobs for the day on a zoomable, moveable map - click a pin for job details
  • Change the diary view via the side menu e.g. Daily, List, Monthly, or Map View
  • Preview maps now display in the Monthly and List diary when travelling to a job
  • Pinch to zoom in and out of the daily diary view
  • Tap the calendar icon at the top right to move to today's date

Voice search

  • Search is now located under 'Search' in the side menu
  • Tap the microphone icon on the search page to search using your voice

Connection status

  • Connection status will display at the top of the diary if you lose connection

How do I update?

Go to the App Store from your iOS device and click the 'Updates' tab, find Commusoft and then tap 'Update'. Whilst you're on the app store, why not click on Commusoft and review the app? We love to hear your thoughts on the app and it is a huge help to us!


Once you download the update and open Commusoft, you will be asked if you wish to start using the new diary - click OK. Here's the important part, you need to restart the Commusoft app for the change to take affect. So, double tap the home button on your iPhone or iPad and swipe up on Commusoft to fully close the app. You can now open the app again to start using the new diary.

Do I have to use the new diary?

Not straight away - you can opt to hold off on using the new menu and diary for a while if you prefer, simply press 'Cancel' when asked.

We understand that Commusoft is crucial to your day-to-day work and a new experience can take time to get used to. However, we suggest when you find a moment, that you enable the new features and become acquainted with the changes, as you will be required to upgrade in the future.

I've updated the app, but wish to go back

If you wish to revert to the previous app layout, you can do this from ‘Commusoft Labs’ within the side menu. Toggle the 'Use new diary' switch to off. You will then need to restart your app to complete the process (double tap home button and swipe Commusoft away).


I'm ready for the update, what do I do?

If you chose to hold off on the new features and now wish to start using the the new app menu and diary, follow these steps.

Go to the Settings app on your device, scroll down until you find Commusoft and toggle on ‘Use New Diary’. Restart the Commusoft app (double tap home button and swipe Commusoft away), before opening the app again. You should now see the updated interface and new features in Commusoft.


We'll be releasing more content covering all the cool new features in this huge iOS update next week, so keep an eye out for that!

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