Keeping your data safe and your systems running on Google Cloud Platform

Jason Morjaria
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We're making a major change to the way we host and deploy Commusoft v4 for all clients.  We've been working over the last 6-8 months on a completely new modern infrastructure based on the Google Cloud Platform.  

It's designed to be secure, resilient and scalable.

We're lining up this change in time for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th of May, in order to bring clients additional service functionality to help with their compliance.

How does it benefit you?

It's secure. Really secure. Commusoft have always run a PCI compliant network. Now, we're taking this to the next level by running a full micro-service setup (a modern way of hosting complex applications). This should allow us to scale up our infrastructure as needed, keeping things running fast even when we add intensive new features.

Enterprise resilience for all clients

This new micro-service setup also allows us to bring a traditionally enterprise feature to all our clients: Resilience. All clients will now receive a fully redundant system, meaning if a single server fails, another machine will pickup the slack. We've even automated the recovery of the first machine, so you won't even notice!

Enterprise at rest encryption for all clients

We've always encrypted information in transit (when it's moving across the internet); however, we're now also encrypting all your precious data when it's saved on our servers. This 'at rest encryption' technology will assist in GDPR compliance; it's not required, but it does mitigate risk. This type of technology has traditionally only been available to enterprise clients, but with Commusoft's continued growth and scale, we're able to bring it to all clients on version 4.

When will this happen?

We're planning on making these changes in a few weeks' time (an exact date will be announced closer to the time). This will be done over a weekend outside of standard hours to minimise disruption.

If you'd like to learn more about how your business can check your GDPR compliance, checkout our Checklist.

GDPR checklist get your complete guide

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