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For those who weren't able to make our latest webinar we're pleased to provide you with access to a recording of the session in which we walked through the main features of the new Commusoft software.  It was a basic overview which showed off a number of the features we're proud of.


Some of the key features we discussed where:

Improved navigation and design


The new Commusoft system has a significantly improved navigation.  It's simpler, easier to understand and should make training existing and new staff a breeze.  We simplified everything down to a search bar and four main tabs.  A full enterprise job management software system in four tabs!

Simpler settings screens and improved flexibility


We've upgraded every aspect of Commusoft.  Not just in the features, but the flexibilty and customisation options available to clients.  As a company we've been around for ten years and have come across a lot of different clients all with different requirements.  It was important that with this opporunity we make sure we can satisify as many different requirements as possible.  

This includes custom certificates, custom job reports, customisation of email, sms and letters and much more.  With all of these options to customise Commusoft we needed to make sure that anyone, whether they are IT literate or not could understand how to customise the software.

Create customers and search through your customer database


We listen to our clients.  They told us they wanted a simpler search, so we built an amazing new customer and supplier search engine.  A single, easy to use search bar that searches through everything in Commusoft.  To find out more check out our blog post or our knowledge base.

Creating and managing estimates


We knew estimates required a huge overhaul.  It's now possible to attach files to estimates, complete estimates on mobile devices, create multiple options on estimates (ie. Boiler A or Boiler B).  We've added a lot of really interesting features in estimates - some available immediately and some due out later on in the year.

Creating and managing jobs


Along with estimates, we also added a lot of new features to jobs.  We've improved the user experience of parts (and have some other features planned later in the year) as well as added new features like 'Additional works' and 'Recalls' which should make managing jobs much easier.

The diary


The diary is used by almost every client.  It's used day in day out and is at the heart of Commusoft.  It powers our mobile applications, our job history and much more.  It was therefore important that when we redesigned Commusoft we needed to invest heavily in the diary.

Invoicing and payments


Invoicing was a key reason we chose to rewrite Commusoft.  We needed to provide a more flexible system that covered more complex situations.  Situations like when a tenant is required to pay the invoice, or when a private customer is paying part of the final bill and an insurance company is paying the rest.  The hard part to designing such a system though was to keep it simple.  We wanted Commusoft to still retain it's simple interface and simple to understandable screens.



Although Commusoft's supplier system techncially does the same/similar things to the previous version of the software, it has been redesigned to be easier to understand and easier to use.  More defined processes for handling POs and supplier invoices makes it easy for anyone to use, not just the book-keepers and accountants of the world.  With fantastic integrations to Sage, SageOne, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, Xero, FreeAgent, Freshbooks, Kashflow it's a great time to get your business costs under control and start understanding the profit your business makes on each job.

If you're not using Commusoft and would be interested in hearing more about how these features could transform your business, get a free consultation.  If you're interested in migrating your existing Commusoft account to this fantastic new upgrade, then download our eBook and learn more about what we've changed.

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