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Jason Morjaria
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While most engineers use the mobile application to manage their jobs, there are a growing number of clients who want to manage more and more of their business while on the move.  

This doesn't just extend to creating and completing jobs, but being able to search for customers and keep track of job history all from their mobile and tablet devices.



While searching for customers has always been possible in our mobile applications, we're now proud to announce the brilliant guys in our Android team are giving you access to the full customer history and ongoing works lists, mirroring the functionality on the web.  

This lets you now search for a customer, view the ongoing estimates/jobs and view the history, letting you keep track of job history from anywhere, anytime on your Android device.



Cloning certificates

The Android team have also been working hard to provide a fantastic new feature designed to clone certificates.  We realise that sometimes engineers make mistakes, they complete a certificate and mark it as 'not safe' when infact it is... so what can you do?  

It's now possible for engineers to clone the original certificate, saving them from typing out all the information on the certificate again.  Engineers simple make the change, fixing the mistake and saving the new certificate.

Completing estimates with pricing items

The ability to use pricing items on estimates is another fantastic new improvement.  Now when you're completing an estimate on your Android device you can either type in a pricing item or select an existing pricing item which you setup previously.

Learn how to add pricing items here.

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