Job Reports Update

Kafui Mortty

Job reports are a useful way to send your customers a summary of any works that may have been completed on their property. You can customise these through Commusoft to include specific pieces of information relevant to the jobs themselves. Things like images taken on site, customer or engineer signatures and engineer feedback can all be included.

There are a couple of ways to send these out to your customers, it can be done manually through your desktop or you can set them up to be automatically sent out upon completion of a job. The latter option is triggered by the engineers themselves when they mark that they have completed a job and left the property.

So, what's new?

As it stands, you used to be able to choose whether or not to send the job report automatically. We've now given you a much more integrated, flexible way to decide how and when these messages are sent.

job reports change

Within your System settings, you can edit the 'Job report email message', and from here, the segmentation comes into play. You can not only choose whether or not to send them automatically, but the exact circumstances under which you'd like them to be sent!

Now, after choosing to have the message be auto-triggered and sent, you can define the instances in which you'd like this to take place. If an engineer rejects an event, classes it as 'no access', or simply aborts it, you can still be notified of this via the job report.

This simply lets you set up a more comprehensive way of collecting information on what takes place (or doesn't!) during jobs and estimates that you send your engineers out for. We make additions and amendments to our job reports fairly often, have a look at some previous changes here. And simply get in touch if you've got any suggestions or questions of your own!

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