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On Monday 20th of August, we made a couple minor updates to job reports and the job status widget.

Last month we released the new job status widget giving quick and easy access to see the different statuses of jobs within Commusoft. With this we created a new set of job reports designed to be accessed from the widget, which were also accessible in the reports list. With today's update, these reports will now only be accessible via the job status widget on the dashboard. 

Additionally, the reports needed for this widget to work were in fact deletable - this has been rectified so that the widget should always work as intended.

If you haven't set up the Job Status Widget yet, find out what it does and how to get started here.

Keep reading to learn more about each of today's changes.

Job status widget report changes

The job status widget shows a snapshot of 5 different reports, created specifically for this widget. By clicking on the numbers within the widget, you can view the corresponding report in full, which is useful if you wish to see further details on those jobs.


Job status widget reports now hidden

Previously, these reports also displayed in the Reporting tab on the left side of the Reporting Dashboard, however, this was potentially confusing as they acted like a user's own custom reports. To make this more intuitive, these reports will no longer display in this list and instead show only in the job status widget. Meaning your report list should now look as it does below.

If you wish to access the full report, simply click on the report you wish to see in detail on the widget - all of the same data is still accessible.

Reporting tab

Job status reports no longer deletable

When viewing this report, if you clicked the 'Quick links' menu, the option to delete the report was available, as seen below. Deleting the report would cause problems with the widget, so we have decided to make this option no longer available, as it provides zero benefit to anyone. You can still delete any of your own custom reports should you wish.

Delete job report

You can still save your own report

The 'Save As' option is still available, meaning you can create a variant report based on this report. To do so you can edit the report filters until the report displays the desired information and then click 'Save as' from the 'Quick links' menu. This will prompt you to name the report and will then save as a new report - it will not overwrite or delete the existing report, so will not disrupt the function of the job status widget.

By using this function, you could also re-add any of the job status reports to the reporting tab, if that is your preference. Simply click on the report from the job status widget, click quick links and choose save as.

What if I already deleted one of these reports?

If you have already deleted one of these reports, don't worry, this update will rectify this and reinstate the required reports. This will mean that the widget will work correctly again and going forward the report will no longer be deletable.

If you cannot see these changes, make sure you clear your browser's cache - this should allow you to see the latest version of Commusoft.

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