Upgraded job descriptions to improve your customer journeys

Kafui Mortty

We've spent ages talking to customers about the way in which they utilise their job descriptions, what they connect them to and how it effects their customer journeys. With that in mind, we've been working on some massive upgrades to this functionality, spanning almost a year of work, and are excited to share the first news of this today.

Whilst we won't be spilling the beans on all of our new job description features just yet, we will however cover our soon-to-be released user interface and the new job description invoicing settings too (more about that here). Read on to learn what's soon changing! If you have any enquiries, please get in contact with the client support team who are happy to help.

"You've upgraded your armour!" - Obadiah Stone (2008)

Improved user interface

All Commusoft users will soon see a new and improved interface for job descriptions. This offers new (and very useful!) functionality, including:

  • Cloning of job descriptions
  • Reordering of job descriptions
  • Archiving of job descriptions (even if they've been used in the past)

job descriptions

Cloning job descriptions is especially useful and should be used when you wish to keep a template mostly the same, but need to make some minor adjustments to specific elements. If you carry out jobs that are usually similar, outside of minor changes, this is an easy way to create new job descriptions without manually building each from scratch.

Don't worry though, you'll still have all the great existing job description features you're used to. That includes: being able to decide how long a job's average completion time would be, it's price (both of which come in handy when using our intelligent scheduling feature), and even the ability to assign specific colours to the jobs themselves (so you can easily and quickly discern what kind of job from your diary).

job description 2

Make each and every job unique!

Moving forward, you’ll be able to customise each job description much more. 

Default job values

When you create a job description, you will now be given the option to configure the job's template and default values. This option exists in order to help maintain consistency when jobs are created and avoids your team having to type out or add the same information each time. You'll be able to assign the default job notes, skills, quoted amount, invoice category, priority, as well as any related service reminders. You can even choose if the 'Schedule appointment" box is ticked by default! This information will then automatically be pulled through when a job of that description is created - simple!

(Please note that the invoicing settings are available only on our Customer Journey plan and above - you can learn more about automated invoicing here)

Labour rates and pricing items

We've adapted the job descriptions system to enable you to configure your Labour rates (Go Paperless plan and above) and your Pricing items per job type. These are useful on their own, but also support out powerful new invoicing feature - automated invoicing - which you can read more about here! Having such detailed job descriptions also enable employees with less formal training, be that with Commusoft or with your workflows in general, to create and manage jobs with ease.

These new upgrades mean your job descriptions can also communicate far more effectively with other elements of the software. If you're curious to find out even more info concerning this, please contact our sales department and they'll happily walk you through it all and the benefits it can bring your business!

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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