Let engineers view job history while on site on their iPhone or iPad

Jason Morjaria
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It's been another really productive week for the iOS team.  A fantastic set of improvements, features and bug fixes are now available to download from the appStore.

Here's a round up of what the team have been working on over the last few months.



  • A number of small improvements to progress loading across the application have been made to make things look nicer and inform the user of when information has successfully downloaded to the device. 

  • The iPhone/iPad no longer displays the quoted amount field on the job screen unless the logged in user has permission to view it.  

  • Improvements to the search facilities throughout the application.

  • If no users are available to display on the diary a message now appears.

  • Improved layouts on the technical reference tab.


  • A number of user interface bugs have been resolved.

  • A crash on the main search has been resolved.

  • Addition of the role based security system throughout the application have now been resolved.

  • Small spelling mistakes and typos.


Job History


The main improvement though has been the addition of the History section on the Estimate and Job diary screens.  It's now possible for engineers to see past estimates, jobs and invoices (security permission required) when attending a current estimate or job.  

This lets engineers see what's happened at the property in the past, giving them context and helping them provide the customer with a better, quicker more accurate service,

Letting engineers view job history while on site empowers them to make better decisions, especially when dealing with breakdowns.  Imagine your engineer is able to see that the previous month the appliance that he's working on broke down and the fan was replaced.  

This information helps the engineer in diagnosing the potential problem today, reducing the chance of a recall and improving your first fix rate.


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