New invoicing update helps you add value without losing revenue

Lauren Burgess

Your engineer has done a great job fixing Mr. Smith’s leaky bathroom pipe, but while he’s here, could he have a quick look at this loose tap?

This is a common situation that your engineers have no doubt run into on dozens of occasions. Whilst it makes sense from a value-add perspective to look at additional work there and then — particularly if it’s an easy fix that won’t require additional parts — it all too often complicates things when it comes to invoicing.

Even if your engineer has confirmed the price with the customer and a verbal agreement was put in place, you can end up losing out on revenue when they later deny the conversation ever took place. Commusoft has had a great solution in place to combat this for a while now.

Adding Additional Work From the Job Site

From the mobile app, your engineers can add additional works from their current location. In a matter of seconds, a price breakdown can be written up and sent to the customer who can then accept the charges so that work can be carried out. With your “paper trail” safely logged in Commusoft, you don’t have to worry about later confusion or dispute.

The issue that arose before our new update was that when it came to organising and sending out the final invoice back at the office, the additional works were often left off — meaning your company lost out on the revenue.

To combat this, we’ve added an option for your office staff to add line items to the invoice. Clicking the link indicated below by the orange arrow will bring up a list of diary events associated with that particular job.



It’s then simply a case of checking which items you would like included, and adding them to your invoice.

As you can see in the screenshot below, we’ve added a fixed socket to the final invoice for Gary Birch.



A small update but, as we’re sure you’ll agree, a very important one!

As always, we’d love to hear from you about any new feature requests or refinements. We’re committed to making Commusoft a seamless experience that makes your work simpler and more enjoyable. If you have any great ideas, send them over to us at our knowledge base.

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