Invoice Addresses Update!

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Invoicing is a fundamental part of almost any workflow that involves your engineers attending a site or property to carry out works. As such, our invoicing system is one of the most well developed, it's integral nature to job management means also that our Products and technical team spend thousands of hours poring over the module in its entirety to make it even better and ensure it's constantly evolving to match any new challenges that may get thrown at it.

So, What's New?

One of the most popular pieces of feedback we receive from our clients is regarding our Invoice Addresses and the way in which they're stored and applied throughout the system. Previously, you could create and store an invoicing address for any one of your customers, however, you would then have to manually add this to any individual work addresses that are associated with that customer. As you an imagine this could often become quite tedious, especially in instances where customers may have dozens (or even hundreds!) of work address associated with them.


Based off this feedback, we've made one simple but huge change to the way in which Commusoft handles invoice addresses - Now, when you have created an invoice address for a customer, it will also apply to any and all work addresses automatically so it can be used for them as well when invoicing. This will save you the time and effort of having to manually re-enter the invoice address in order to use it for different properties attached to the same customer!

Sage changes...hold fire for now!

On another note, For those of you who are currently using our Sage integration, you're likely aware that they have recently upgraded to their version 27.

As always, we're working on making Commusoft compatible with this latest version, but before upgrading, we would recommend you give us a call just to ensure the facility is up to date and ready for you to use.

We do currently support all versions up to and including version 26.

laptop with money and an invoice sheet on the screen, a clock to show time - how to send an invoice that customers will pay - download here

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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