Contracts - an Introduction

Kafui Mortty

We've built our new contracts management system to allow you to construct detailed, segmented contracts for any jobs, customers, properties or anything else you may need them for. This means you can create complex, event-specific workflows to cover things like PPM (planned preventative maintenance), and ensure that your works are completed in line with any SLAs (service level agreements) you may abide by.

This means that you can be totally confident attaching contracts to your customers' profiles, knowing that the jobs will take place exactly according to your specifications. These contracts can be set up quickly and easily, applied to multiple customers/properties and you can even craft them over the course of days or weeks, leaving them as drafts in the system until you're good and ready to use them.

Please note - Contracts and PPM are available to all customers on our Paperless Office plan and above, whilst SLAs are available to Automation plan customers and above.

A bit on PPM:

Our PPM system is a way to ensure that repeat events that fall into this category are detailed and stored within Commusoft so you can attach them to your contracts. You can create PPM schedules and then populate them with specific tasks depending on the nature of the contract. This system also means that once you've got a PPM schedule set up in your contracts, you can use them for any customers or properties without having to set it up again whenever you need it.

Here's a little bit from our CEO, Jason on just this:

When you're setting up PPM, we've made it as simple and easy to configure schedules as possible, our setup grid suggests ideal appointments for you and organises all the associated tasks with a handy colour-coded key:

Planned preventive maintenance

We've also included the ability to have your PPM system automatically create jobs so you don't have to manually go through and set them up yourself. This allows you to manage complex service contracts without having to be hands on at every stage.

Our SLA (service level agreements) feature:

If you use service level agreements to any degree, this is also something you can manage through Commusoft now. This isn't automatically included in the contracts module, but you can easily opt in by giving our team a call to upgrade to the Automation plan.

The SLA feature means that jobs with specific descriptions, priorities or locations can have an agreement associated with it. You can attach SLAs to service contracts and then keep track of each of the jobs created to monitor for any breaches. You can set these up to give you a warning if a breach is imminent, as well as seeing how close or far jobs are to meeting their SLAs. Here's Jason again with a few words on how this feature came to be:

Using the contracts module helps you maintain a level of quality across the board for all your jobs. It can provide both you and your customers with security and peace of mind as well as providing information you can refer back to.

If you'd like to know more about setting your system up to utilise SLAs or about our contracts module in general, then our team are more than happy to have a chat and go over any of your questions. Just get in touch with

Have a quick read of some of our contracts knowledge base articles for a more technical overview: Contract templates, Setting up PPM, Setting up SLAs.

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