Improvements to SMTP

Lauren Burgess

This week, we've released a number of changes to Commusoft that have been requested by clients.  The first is a number of small changes to the SMTP setup. 

SMTP, if you didn't know, is a protocol that lets Commusoft 'talk to' your email server.  This allows Commusoft to send emails through your own mail servers, rather than ours. 

Why is this important? Sending emails from your own mail provider will reduce the likely hood that the email appears in the recipient's SPAM folder, it'll look like it's come from you and (in some circumstances) show up in your sent folder.

So, what changes did we make?

We improved the way we handle templates.  When you first setup your email in Commusoft, we'll ask you for your outbound mail server address, port number and security options.  Next time, we'll default these for you! Simple.

We've also split the need for a separate username.  Typically most SMTP providers use the email address as a username.  We've noted a few clients where this wasn't the case though, so we've updated our systems to support a separate username and email address.

What else have we done?

We've worked on a number of little pesky bugs - all squished.

Check our previous blog: "Setting up your SMTP and tips for emailing through Commusoft"

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