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Jason Morjaria
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This weekend we made a number of fantastic improvements to the diary to help you track engineers better, navigate to different screens and add/edit diary appointments.

Invoice status


We now also visually indicate when a job has had its final invoice raised in the diary view. Previously, when a job was completed a small green dot would appear, making it clear that the job was complete and needed invoicing. Now, that green dot turns purple when the job has been final invoiced.

Adding and editing diary appointments


A number of users told us that they enjoyed using the drag and drop feature – but found it a little tricky when needing to move appointments across weeks or months.

Following this feedback, we've introduced the ability to click on an appointment and select Edit.  This brings up a form that allows a user to edit the date, time and engineer through a simple form.

Engineer status


Commusoft has always displayed the status of an appointment when the user hovers over it inthe diary. This panel now also displays the date/time of that status, giving you even more information.

Date/time of diary appointment 


Also now included in the right side panel are details of the user who created a diary event and the date and time they did so, allowing you instant access to see when and by who a diary event was booked.

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