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Commusoft allows you to store thousands of parts, which you can then allocate to your jobs in a matter of seconds. In this latest update (available later this week!), we wanted to improve how you can search for and identify these different parts to help reduce potential mix ups.

We are especially aware that it can be difficult to differentiate between any parts that share similar names and descriptions. This could lead to the wrong part being selected, which in turn could affect the totals on your invoices, causing either you or your customers to take a hit.

To combat this we have made two key improvements to the parts search:

  • Improved word search
  • Added a 'supplier product code' field

All clients with access to the parts system will see these changes reflected later this week. If you don't currently have access to parts, but would like to, please get in touch to learn more about upgrading.

Improved word search

When searching for a part, you would previously have to search using characters that were in the exact order used in the part's name, description, or manufacturer's part number.

For example, if you wanted to find a ‘54mm compression elbow’ you would have to type in ‘54mm compression’ or ‘compression elbow’. If you typed '54mm elbow' the part would not show as the search terms are not perfectly matching the part name.

Thanks to this update, you will be able to search using any of the words in any order, meaning ‘54mm elbow’ will find the ‘54mm compression elbow’. This helps you to find what you are looking for more easily and no longer requires you to remember the exact name of the part in the system.

parts search before after

When searching for a part, anything that matches the search terms will appear in the results field in green. The words or numbers you use will also be underlined so you can confidently pick the correct part that you need. These changes will be applied to all search fields in Commusoft where you can search for parts, with the exception of the main search bar in the top left corner of the system.

Supplier product codes

Another change to improve the location and identification of parts is the inclusion of the Supplier Product Code (SPC) for each part. This means you can log multiple supplier reference numbers against a single part. For example, for a ‘54mm compression elbow’, Wolseley's SPC may be W54123, whilst City Plumbing's SPC could be CP54123.

part suppliers spc

The SPC can be used to search for a part the same way you would use the product's name or manufacturer's number, which will now display in the search results along with the matching supplier name.

Adding multiple SPCs to a part is useful for a variety of reasons:

  1. Provides more ways to search for a part
  2. Searching by SPC stops you selecting a wrong part with a similar description
  3. Searching by SPC is quicker
  4. Searching by SPC will display the exact search result, so there is no risk of choosing the wrong supplier or wrong part
  5. Future integrations will utilise the SPC (more on this later!)

part spc search

How to add SPCs

We encourage you to add relevant SPCs to your parts list so you can gain the benefits discussed. This can be done in a number of ways:

One by one

To add the SPC manually, which may take some time if you have a lot of parts, click ‘configure’ on a part in the 'parts and prices' page. A table will be displayed where you can input the supplier, the code, and price. Once you have entered the data, a new line will appear below for you to add the SPC from another supplier. Please note, you can only add SPCs against suppliers that have already been created in the system.

part suppliers spc crop

In bulk

To upload SPCs against parts in a more time-efficient way, you can download and reupload parts in bulk.

This can only be done if you have already associated your parts with one or more suppliers, as you will need to select a supplier to download the parts list. Note, this will need to be done for each supplier that you want to add a product code for.

To download the parts list, open the 'Advanced options' at the bottom of the 'Parts and prices' page. Choose the supplier and click to download the CSV file.

upload spc parts

Once downloaded, input the supplier product code for your parts and save the file. You can then upload it back into Commusoft (see 'Advanced options' again), selecting the corresponding supplier. Follow the on-screen prompts to match up all columns applicable to your CSV file and click ‘save’. The SPCs for the entire parts list will now be added for that specific supplier. If you have other SPCs to add from other suppliers, repeat this process choosing another supplier.

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