Improving cash flow with the SumUp integration

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We recently covered Commusoft's new deferred payment feature, which can help reduce debt in your field service business. To follow on with more cash flow improving features we're highlighting our integration to SumUp's instant payment solution.

With the Commusoft and SumUp integration you can:

  • Give customers more ways to pay
  • Get paid quicker
  • Reduce small debts
  • Automatically enter payments
  • Delight customers

Let's take a look at what SumUp is and how the integration works.

What is SumUp?

If you haven't already heard of SumUp, they're the leading mobile point-of-sale company in Europe and have over 2,000 new merchants signing up with them every day.

With the portable SumUp terminal, merchants can easily take debit, credit, and contactless payments on the go. You've likely already used their devices to pay in shops, cafes, markets and a wide range of other locations. Plus their new range of terminals have had a sleek new makeover!

SumUp Air device

SumUp has no contracts and works on a pay-as-you-go model, so is very easy for small businesses to start using. The only costs are for the terminal itself and a 1.69% transaction fee per payment.

Okay, so that's SumUp. But how does the integration with Commusoft work?

Commusoft integration

The integration is incredibly easy to set up. Simply create a payment method from system settings called 'SumUp' - that's it!

Now when you're on site and the invoice has been raised, the engineer can select SumUp as the payment method. With the SumUp terminal in hand and turned on, your smartphone or tablet (works with both iOS and Android) will connect via bluetooth.

Now all the customer has to to do is pay! Credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay are all accepted. Instead of waiting for a customer to pay online, over the phone, or with other slower methods - you can get paid instantly. Check out the video to see just how quick and easy it is.


Within Commusoft, the payment will automatically be logged against the invoice without having to enter the details manually. This means no double entry and no accidental typos to skew the numbers!

With on-site payment solutions like SumUp, you can also provide customers with a better overall experience. How often have you wanted to pay on card, only to be told they don't accept card payments? It's frustrating. Customers often prefer to quickly pay with their card and to get their debt squared off. They can pay the way they want to, and you get paid faster - win, win!


If you're looking to use SumUp and Commusoft together, you can sign up for a SumUp account and order terminals here:

This is just one of several solutions to reducing debt and improving cash flow with Commusoft. You can check out more here, plus keep an eye out on our business blog for more debt-busting advice.

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