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Improving how we handled invoices in Commusoft was one of the main reasons that we decided to undertake such an ambitious upgrade - if you've not read about our upgrade, check it out here.  We had been getting feedback from clients for a while asking us to introduce new features into our invoicing software.  The problem was it was technically difficult; so much so in fact, that it would have taken almost as long to rewrite the whole Commusoft system than it was to introduce some of these invoicing changes.  

Invoices are the most important document within a business.  Without them, you're not getting paid.  Our field service clients were constantly being asked to customise the look and information displayed on the invoice based on the specific demands of their customers.  It was therefore important when we looked at improving our invoicing software that we really made sure it was going to meet the needs of our clients and, give us some additional wiggle room for future improvements.

As a business owner or office manager you need to be able to create and report on invoices easily.  It's not good enough to just create an invoice, you need to export them to accounting software or CSV. With a powerful invoice tool you can easily save a significant amount of admin office hours and reduce the number of time it takes to raise invoices. This is critical as there is no point doing a job and not sending the invoice for days or weeks later (or in the cases of some of our clients before Commusoft, forget the invoice altogether!).  


Within Commusoft's field service invoicing software you can quickly reduce delays and improve your cash flow by being notified the second a job has been completed and an invoice needs to be raised.  You no longer have to check the outstanding jobs that need invoicing report, the system prompts you by sending you a notification.

The invoicing module has never been so easy to use in larger offices with multiple people raising invoices at the same time.  Whether you have multiple office staff or, engineers completing invoices on site.  Create and print or email invoices from the PC or mobile device (yes print from site!).  All your invoices are stored in one place so you can keep track of exactly how much money you've taken and how much money you're owed.

So, how have we improved invoicing?

Create beautiful looking branded invoices, credit notes and receipts
Commusoft makes it easy to create beautiful invoices customised with your logo and company details. You can send these directly to customers by email, helping you to get paid faster.  You can even customise the brand colours on the invoices to make sure all of your paperwork looks professional and is on brand.



Improved abilities to add labour and parts straight onto the invoice


Creating standard invoices are easy, standard call-out charge for a service is usually a standard charge.  However, what happens when you've had a parking charge, one or more parts or a few additional hours that the engineer completed while he was onsite.  All of these extra items need to go onto your invoice and can be easily missed if they aren't communicated clearly between your engineer onsite and your office person raising the invoice.  That's where Commusoft's improvements come in.  Engineers can add parts to a job, additional works (that quick extra task he did while onsite) and time spent onsite.  This is then presented to the office to seamlessly include on the invoice.  Never miss something off your invoice every again.

Ability to add multiple nominal codes onto a single line item


This is feature has been requested a few times, especially from our larger clients.  They wanted the ability to create an invoices with multiple nominal codes.  This allows Commusoft to send the line items to the relevant accounting package giving clients greater control over their P&L.  This enhancement has made reporting invoicing signficantly more powerful.

We’ve Improved account credit management
Account credit has always been something we've not really taken as seriously as we'd like.  Previously you could assign credit to a customer account (maybe an overpayment or unused credit note), but this process was complex, difficult to understand and not very flexible.  We've completely re-engineered this process now to make it signficantly easier.  Add overpayments and credit notes to a customers account and either pay it back or use it against any of the customers invoices.  The system is completely transparent and you can see an audit of all the on-account transactions.

Improved credit note management
Credit notes were another area in which we completely re-imagined.  We wanted them to be easy to create, easy to allocate and generally much more flexible.

Send an invoice to anyone, not just the customer
This is probably the most fundamental shift in our invoicing module.  It allows you to create a job and invoice it to anyone, not just the customer.  For example if you have an Estate Agent and a Tenant and you've completed some electrical works at the property, normally you'd invoice the Estate Agent.  However, what if the tenant caused the damage, the Agent may ask you to invoice the tenant instead.  Up until now this wasn't possible.  We call this feature invoice addresses.  It's an incredibly flexible feature which should make it possible to invoice insurance companies, tenants, landlords and anyone else you like.

Creating pro-forma (deposit) invoices
Another hugely requested feature.  The ability to create more than one invoice against a job.  It's a simple request, but in our previous system it was almost impossible to achieve.  We've now given you the ability to create any number of invoices against a single job.  Invoices come in two varieties, Partial and Final.  You can create as many partial invoices as you like against a job and the job remains open.  A final invoice will raise an invoice but will also close the job removing it from your outstanding jobs list.

This feature is especially useful when doing larger installation work as you can create invoices for deposits, allowing you to send a VAT invoice (if required) to your customer.


Commusoft's invoicing system is perfectly designed for service, maintenance and installation companies.  Whether you're focusing on domestic of commercial work, large or small jobs you can seamlessly invoice customers, track debt and keep your accounting software up to date with minimal effort.

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