How do I get the new Commusoft upgrade?

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Since launching our upgrade a few weeks ago, Commusoft have been insanely busy.  We've released 2 more updates to our iOS application, 3 more versions of our web application and another update to our Android app!  We've been busy adding new features, fixing a few bugs and generally making sure things are running smoothly.


A question though that keeps coming up is, How can I get the new Commusoft upgrade?  

So far no existing client has been migrated to the new software.  Our announcement was designed to engage and educate clients on this huge project we've been working on for the last 4 years.  We are though ready to guide you through the steps in migrating to the new software.

We're rolling out the new system as fast as we can. We're making a huge amount of changes and have to disseminate a large amount of information to a lot of people quickly (as well as make it engaging and interesting!). We're currently just getting everything ready and wont be migrating clients to the new product until June.

What is a migration?
First of all, it's not possible to just login to the new software.  The upgrade is a total rewrite from scratch.  This means the systems are completely different.  Different databases and different architectures.  Our old system is hosted in Manchester, while our new system is based in London.  We therefore have to migrate you.  This entails moving your data and reconfiguring it to match the new Commusoft structure.  In our testing an average database takes around 4-6 hours and a large database takes 18-24 hours to migrate.

When can I migrate to the new Commusoft upgrade?
We understand you're keen to move.  We're keen to move you!  We are however being cautious, especially initially.  We have a lot of new software that needs battle testing (not just testing in an office, but tested in the field by real users).  We plan on starting migrating clients 1 at a time (initially 1 per week) from the middle of June.  This will give us time to make sure everything is working correctly, the migration is smooth and stable and the migrated clients are happy.  We'll then start increasing the frequency of migrations to a few per week based on the feedback we get.  This is the best, most stable way of tackling this huge task.  We don't want to disrupt clients businesses, so we want to be sure that our procedures are working.  

It's also worth noting that if you want to be someone that migrates in the initial batch then you'll be moving onto a BETA version of Commusoft.  This means it could be unstable and you may spot the odd bug.  You should only request this if you are willing to work with us on stabilising the software.

How do I migrate to the new Commusoft upgrade?
So, we have already had around 50 clients who want to join the Beta, this has been very exciting for us.  Once the Beta is over (we're estimating 2 months at least) then we'll be letting all other clients migrate.  This migration path will be simple.  Within the existing Commusoft system you'll have a button called Migrate me to v4.  When you click this you'll be able to pick a weekend in which you want to migrate.  Weekend migration slots will be limited and it'll be first come first serve.  Once you've picked your weekend you'll be sheduled in to migrate.  On the Friday, in the evening, Commusoft will lock you out of the existing software and will start moving your data automatically. Once it's finished you'll receive an email.  At this point all you need to do is login to the new software.  If you are using our mobile application then you'll need to ask your engineers to download the new mobile application and login.

If you're interested in getting the new version, please contact our client success team at


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