Trick or treat?

Paul Hewson
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Happy Halloween! Everybody loves trick or treating and Commusoft definitely does - after all, Halloween is kind of our thing - I mean our logo is basically a pumpkin! 🎃

Lucky you - you've got yourself a treat! We have 3 new certificates for Commusoft that will be released over the coming few months. See the list below!

Plus check out our spooktastic Commusoft pumpkin! 👻

Three new certificates

  • Fire & security industry - Fire Alarm Commissioning Certificate
  • Gas industry - Landlord's Gas Safety Record for the Leisure Industry
  • Renewables industry - Ground Source Heat Pump Commissioning Certificate

Happy Halloween!

Some may say we've gone a little overboard - and if you think fake bats and spiders, cobwebs, balloons, banners, cupcakes, and branded pumpkins is too far - then you'd be right. 🎃

Commusoft pumpkin

But hey, we're having fun - and we hope you're having a good time too, no matter what you are doing this Halloween! 👻

Commusoft Halloween

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