Greater freedom in dynamic tagging

Lauren Burgess

Here at Commusoft we’re always trying give you more tools to communicate with your customers in exactly the right way. Manually writing every piece of correspondence will of course give you ultimate freedom in how you deliver your message, but at the expense of time. Your office staff already have so many duties to manage, it’s important to automate as much as possible so they’re freed up to focus on more valuable tasks. That’s why we allow you to create email, SMS and letter templates for all sorts of notifications and updates.

As part of our efforts to provide tools that allow the maximum amount of personalisation in your communication, we’ve made a recent change that allows you to change the way that dates appear.

Until now, we’ve only allowed you to show dates in one way, with the day, month and year in numerical values. For example: 20/02/18. With our new customisation options, the sky is the limit! 

The work address job confirmation template example demonstrates one of the new configurations that’s possible with this update. The diary date tag uses “F j” to indicate that we want to show the month in full, and the day as a single number. “Y” indicates that the year will be presented in full with four numbers.

When we look at the template at work when we’re about to send a work address confirmation, we can see the date displaying as “February 6, 2018.”

For guidance on how to build your desired date format, please refer to this helpful knowledge base article which lays out all the possibilities.

We hope you enjoy this nifty little update!

This was a change suggested by one of our brilliant clients. If you’ve identified anything that could make your experience with Commusoft even better, we’d love to hear about it. We’re always considering requests from clients and very often implement them (just like this one!) Submit your ideas here and we’ll take a look. If you have any issues with the app or need some help with any aspect, our client service team will be happy to help. Just drop them an email at

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