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Kafui Mortty

I'm certain we don't have to tell you that keeping track of your appointments is paramount to running your business smoothly. We've been considering for a long time, based on customer recommendations and industry research, a way in which to integrate your normal day planner or calendar. This led to our most recent integration:

You can now easily integrate with your Google Calendar through Commusoft. This enables you to sync events with Commusoft and have them appear on your Google Calendar and vice versa. This means that events that you create through Commusoft (jobs, estimates, normal events etc.) will be automatically shown on your Google Calendar too.

How it can help:

Having accurate, up to date syncing between calendars allows you to view all your events in both places easily. It also means that events you create directly onto your Google Calendar will come through to be displayed on your Commusoft diary too. This can be hugely beneficial to your day-to-day workflows, but don't just take my word for it, here's our CEO Jason with a few words on our new integration:

(As Jason mentioned, here are some links to Appogee & HR Online if you're interested in having a look at them too!)

Getting set up:

In order to set up your integration with Google Calendar, give us a call and we can enable the module. From here, it only takes a few seconds to connect your two systems! (If you want to remove your calendar integration for any reason, this too only takes a few seconds):

Setting up Google Calendar integration

Adding an event through your Google Calendar will create an event in Commusoft too, however, this will always appear as a 'Normal' event on your Commusoft diary, so you won't be able to create events as estimates or jobs this way. If you happen to delete an event from either calendar, the other will sync and remove the corresponding event from your other calendar so you don't have to delete it in both places.

If this is something you'd be interested in utilising, please do get in touch with us at or just give us a ring on 0203 0266 266.

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