Get a clearer picture of how much money is owed on a particular job

Jason Morjaria
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A number of clients have reported it was difficult to get a clear, quick understanding of how much money is owed on a particular job.  While we displayed the invoices themselves, we didn't display associated credit notes and payments.  This all led to confusion regarding how much money an engineer may need to pickup on job completion.

We know cash flow is king, so we wanted to make this a lot easier.


Display credit notes on the invoice tab


When you add a credit note against an invoice, it now displays on the invoice tab, letting you keep track of not only your invoices, but your credits.  This will give you a much better understanding of your profitability on a single job.


Display all credit notes as negative numbers

We've had a bit of feedback from clients and they were getting confused between invoices and credit notes, so we've changed all credit notes to negative figures.  This includes on the invoice tab and on the customer history.


Display a summary of the job


We know that engineers often call the office to find out how much money they need to pickup.  This was fairly complex to work out prior to this weekend.  That's all changed.  Simply go into the invoice tab and you'll now see a summary of the quoted amount (assuming it came from an estimate), the total invoiced amount, total paid, credited and remainder to pickup.


Separating draft invoices, making it easier to understand

Draft invoices are a great tool for those businesses wanting to put the details of the invoice together, but aren't ready to confirm the figures are correct.

These draft invoices were confusing a few clients though as unless you looked carefully, you could get them confused with 'real' invoices.

We've therefore split them up on the invoice tab to make it even easier to see and understand.

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