We've Got Fantastic Updates - Thanks to You Guys!

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Some of the most useful and engaging feedback from our customers (you guys!) leads to even more exciting developments, updates, amendments, and changes throughout the system. We treasure your feedback and your opinions are invaluable. With that in mind, we would like to give a particularly special thanks to the customers who have gone above and beyond in terms of shouting out their needs and preferences, and shout out the most recent updates and changes that have been spurred on, inspired, or outright requested by you guys!

This week you can have a look at our updates surrounding: 

Parts and Prices

Having your parts (and prices) is another immensely useful tool that Commusoft can provide. The ability to store thousands of records to easily locate and assign to your jobs makes things much quicker and easier for you ensuring you don’t have to manually re-enter the name or price of each part you’ve got remembered.

Adding your parts with even more ease

Previously, you weren’t able to have two parts with identical names:

As much as this is a pretty minor restriction that’s easy to work around, we’ve decided to change it up anyway! Now, rather than just using a parts name as its ‘unique identifier’ (the way in which Commusoft stores various parts), the system will be using a combination of both the part name AND its manufacturer number (as long as the manufacturer numbers are different of course):

This allows you to create and store multiple parts with identical names without having to take duplicate names into account. 

Delete, Archive, Download, You name it!

On top of these, it’s super easy to delete and archive any parts you no longer want to store within Commusoft, though bear in mind if they are in use or requested at the time, you will have to wait to reconcile that before deleting or archiving them (we’ll give you a little prompt though - not to worry).

And just as the absolute icing on the cake, you can down download an excel spreadsheet with a list of every single part in the system! Simply add any and all filters you need to amend the list, and hit the ‘download’ icon, easy.

Upload parts lists to your Suppliers

The advanced option to upload an entire pats list to associate with your suppliers is also brand-spanking new. You can now upload parts spreadsheets per supplier.

This will mean, when you create purchase orders, or supplier invoices, it will default to the price you have set for that supplier, rather than a price for that part in general, as it did before. This came from a combination of customer queries/recommendations and our own support team's forward thinking.

Our new PPM Performance report

One of the most exciting changes requested by you guys (especially those that work in the Fire and Security industry) is our brand new PPM performance report! This is a perfect way of analysing how effectively your PPM events are being carried out. We’re really proud of this new report and in particular, we’re excited to hear any feedback from our Fire & Security gurus about how this kind of reporting makes things easier on them!

From the ‘Customer’ section of your Reporting tab, you can easily create, edit and save this report (just like all our reports!) to not only make it specific to your needs but also to be able to utilise it whenever you need without needing to recreate anything.



Even more PPM Updates and Customer requests!

We have taken the time as well as the feedback based from our regular (and casual) PPM users and decided to add a little more granularity to our PPM module. As you likely already know, our PPM (planned preventative maintenance) module is a fantastic way to make sure you’re staying on top of any long-term PPM work you may be doing...


More time increments

You can set these events up to essentially ‘fire and forget’ to work on their own once set up! Now we’ve given you even more specific time frames to ensure any and all workflows can be handled, so you can now set up increments of 2,3,4 and 6 weeks for your schedules - this was yet another fantastic request from our customers that we just jumped at the opportunity to put into action!

Better auto-creation handling

We have also ensured that even if an event you create is outside of the window of auto-creation, the system can work around this (‘crunch the numbers’ if you will) and ensure that everything is still being pulled through and displayed accurately. And given the additional ability to add both short and longer-form descriptions from PPM events, just to provide as much info and visibility as possible (yet another recommendation from you guys by the way).

SLA Updates

If you’re already using our SLA module, you may have noticed a few exciting new changes...We’ve been working diligently to keep things in tip-top but also to keep providing new improvements to stay ahead of the curve! 

Email Templates

We've created a new system setting that allows you to craft, edit and save template emails for whenever an SLA is breached. These can be fully edited using our tagging system to automatically fill in requisite information.

Each email you create will have an associated SLA 'metric' allowing you to cover as many scenarios as possible. These kind of templates are super useful in the various setting we've added them to already throughout Commusoft and we're confident they're going to be a fantastic workflow addition.

Two Brand New Widgets

What's more, we’ve incorporated a new reporting widget for you guys to be able to analyse your SLAs with more specificity. The widget - ‘SLA metrics breached status’ gives you the ability to see if (and how many) you have SLA breaches according to the specific metrics in the system. Like our other widgets, it is completely interactive letting you click into each breach status to further investigate.

You can also further customise the individual reports created through the widget, adding and removing filters as needed, and adjusting the columns accordingly.

Our other new widget - 'SLA metrics breached by  month' similarly allows you to analyse all your breaches according to when they took place. These can both be found under the 'Add/remove dashboard widgets' menu from Quick links.

Two Brand New Reports

We've added both an 'SLA jobs' and an 'SLA performance by job description' report. Under the 'Jobs' tab, you can access both of these and, similar to our other reports, they can be customised as needed and downloaded or printed at your convenience.

We've changed our Debtors report

If you've already been using our debtors report to keep track of money owed through the system, you'll already be familiar with how useful it is. We've made it even better now, to start, you can now display up to 100 records per page, meaning you won't have to traverse between pages nearly so often to see a huge number of records.

As well as this, you will now be able to send all your statements en masse with the click of a button (highlighted below) or, if you prefer, a select number all at once by using the tick boxes next to each record to select which ones you want going off.

We've added further segmentation to the options you can add to your report when editing the columns on the table. 

You can now add a column for the date on which the last statement was sent, this was recommended by a customer and we thought it made a brilliant addition.

Billable Rates & Parts

If you're not yet using our Contracts module, have a look and see if it might be for you. It's a fantastic was to handle service level agreements, PPM and much more.

One of the most important, useful and powerful aspects of the module is the ability to create complex and custom contract templates to deploy as and when they're needed. 

Within these templates, one of our many levels of segmentation concerns billable rates, the rates at which various services or parts are charged. You can already use our 'Industries', 'Categories', and 'Sub-categories' within Parts to establish base prices for any and all parts you store within Commusoft (as well as any markups that may apply). This means that when you attach these parts to your jobs, their cost will already be established.

However, within your individual contract templates, you can now override your established base pricing (and markups) for your parts according to industry, category, subcategory or even via individual parts themselves.

This means you won't need to be making individual allowances to edit prices if they are different under the terms of a contract.

Back-end changes

Some of the most important and impactful changes that happen in Commusoft take place behind the proverbial scenes. So much of what makes us go tick, tick, tick (rather than tick, tick, boom) relies on the fantastic work our backend developers do. Constant maintenance, updates, and leak-plugging ensure that the software side of things you guys see is always tip-top.


From our new URL shortener making sure that you guys can fit links easily into your job reports to far more complicated changes, you may not always feel the impact but it is very much there! Most recently, there have been fantastic backend performance improvements to our Accounting package integrations. There have also been meaningful updates on all mobile devices (iOS or Android). These changes keep the mobile apps running at maximum capacity and make it easier for us to update them without causing issues for your users.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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