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Kafui Mortty

Thanks to everyone that filled out last week's questionnaire! Our lucky 5GB winner has already been given their additional data meaning that we've got another 5GB burning a hole in our proverbial pocket and we are more than ready to part with it! Hearing your feedback is a super-useful way of tailoring everything from these blog posts, to the feature requests we send to our developers. So, please keep it up. Have a look at this weeks questionnaire and see if you're the lucky recipient of our prize draw!

Over the past several years, we've found that our invoicing feature is one of the most popular and utilised that we provide. They are a quick, easy, efficient and, most importantly, completely integrated way of managing the various invoices you'll need to create. Commusoft's accounting integrations also offer you a way to push these invoices through to a variety of accounting packages you may be using (you're welcome).

As amazing as our invoices module was, we always thought it could be even better. And now it is! We've now enabled an additional feature to let you create and store your invoices as drafts within Commusoft and create reports to organise them. Whether you're in a position where you want/need to run them by somebody else or if you're just not-quite-sure if it'll need to change at some point, you can save a draft invoice and either convert it to a live invoice with a quick click, or even generate a report to see just how many drafts you're actually working with.

This lets you store as many drafts as you need until you're ready to actually complete the invoices. If you want to have a look at all of the invoices you've got stored in drafts, you can just grab a report to see the list:

Go to your 'Reporting' tab (I'm sure you're all very familiar with it by now...), and click into 'Sales' from the list of categories. The subcategory you're looking for is just called 'Draft invoices'. This'll bring them all up into a report that you can then customise further if need be by using the filters provided along the top of the page (below).

You can also see above, that there are a couple of 'Custom reports' stored within my 'Sales' tab. These are easy and simple for any of you to set up as well! Edit the aforementioned filters as much as you need to and use the pencil icon - , to edit the column structure too, adding or removing the information you may or may not want included. Once you've got the report structured exactly how you'd like it, click into 'Quick links'.

The save option will open up a side panel giving you the opportunity to name your custom report (makes it much easier to find in the future!) once you're finished. After this, you can access it whenever you fancy without having to re-enter the original parameters over and over again. Your custom reports will be stored under the tab from which they were created.

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you this year!

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