An update to report downloads

Lauren Burgess

Our reporting feature is comprehensive and provides you with an essential insight into the status of your business. Whether you need an overview of how many jobs you’re completing per month, or a full breakdown of how many of each type of part you’ve installed (so you know now what you’re likely to need and won’t be caught out) reporting is the place to do it.

With a busy and thriving business, it’s not a rare occasion that you find yourself with masses of data that you need to sift through to observe patterns and get a clear picture of where you are.

To do this effectively, it’s often necessary to download your report as an Excel file. Commusoft has provided this as an option for a long time, but when it comes to large reports, you may have found yourself waiting around for the download to become available. This means sitting idle when you could be working on more pressing tasks.

Our latest reporting update means that when you choose to download a selected report, we’ll ready your file in the background while you move on to something else (even if it’s having a quick browse through your company twitter feed!)


downloading a large report.png


Once you click the download button, you’ll see a yellow information box like the one above pop up at the top of your screen. Once the file has been prepared, you’ll get a notification in your global notifications indicator on the top right of the screen.


downloading a large report notification.png


As you can see, in this example, we’ve downloaded a job report. When you click “See all notifications” you will be taken to a new screen and a panel will open where you can collect your report.


downloading a large report notification panel.png


Reporting is a huge feature and can provide great value to Commusoft users, but we've found that its being underutilised. To help address this, we've organised a reporting webinar taking place on Thursday 26th October at 3pm which will cover everything you need to know to become a pro. You can sign up by clicking the image below.

Commusoft Reporting Webinar

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