Diagnose by Commusoft - our new Augmented Reality App for iOS

Kafui Mortty

The future's made of virtual insanity... - Jamiroquai (1996)

For the past few weeks, everybody who can has been figuring out the best ways and means of working remotely from home. It’s been an inconvenience to say the very least but, silvers lining, it has led to a massive upsurge in people discovering convenient, creative, and new ways of managing day-to-day tasks from the relative comfort of your own home.

Here at Commusoft, we’ve been taking advantage of our surplus free time to make a number of changes and improvements to our software in general, as many of you will already be aware. We’ve also created an entirely new app just for you: Diagnose by Commusoft. Available now on the App Store (it’s important to note that it is an iOS-only app for now, but we’re working hard to bring it to Android platforms as soon as possible), is our AR-enabled video call app that will allow you to connect remotely to your customers and still provide them with top-notch support!

What's it all about?

Our new Diagnose app allows your customers to remotely video call you, with the use of our Augmented Reality feature, to show you from their perspective whatever kinds of issues that they may be experiencing. This allows you to discern what kind of faults are occurring, decide from the office (or home office as the case may be) whether or not a physical visit is required and even direct the customers themselves to rectify any issues they are able to without you needing to send anyone out to the site.

iPhone 11 Diagnose app mockup

In order to set this up, you need to have the app installed on your iOS device, and your customer(s) must do the same to let the two apps communicate. This will allow you to host the remote sessions. The AR feature allows you to draw, write and annotate the images that you’re shown. If you need to give examples or instructions, “Open that vent”, you can highlight these bits and pieces and ensure the markers you create stay on the screen to allow your customers to follow your instructions. The video you’re following will have these annotations embedded so that even as the customers move their phone, your notes will still be available.

Of course even outside of global, life-changing pandemics, this app has tremendous benefits to you and your workflows. It could prevent you needing to send engineers out to sites to assess issues that can be solved by customers or managed remotely. Our video and AR combination as well give you the ability to see exactly what a customer is seeing, meaning you no longer need to simply take them at their word or confuse them with technical jargon trying to direct them to assess issues themselves.

How can you take advantage?

As it stands, this is only a feature available for iOS devices to connect to other iOS devices, but our tech team is working round the clock to make this available for our Android customers too! If you are on an iPhone or iPad etc, you can simply go to the App Store, and search for Diagnose by Commusoft. Ensure both you and any customers that are looking to utilise this have the app downloaded on your devices.

Once downloaded and ready to use, you can search for your customers via name or address etc as you normally would. Once you've located their profile, there will be an 'Initiate remote support' button along the top of the page that you can click into. Even if a client doesn't yet have the app installed, you'll have the option, within the app, to send them an email or SMS message encouraging them to download it with the link to the App Store embedded. The message link will allow the customer to go straight through to the app and their phone camera! It's worth mentioning that this will display audio and video fairly quickly so all parties involved should make sure that their surroundings are appropriate to the issue(s) at hand (just to avoid embarrassment!) 

You can check our website for any further updates and we look forward to hearing from you all!

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