Dashboard reporting makes analysing your business a lot easier

Jason Morjaria
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It’s been a few weeks since we updated the product blog.  While this may seem like we’ve not been releasing any new changes or updates, the opposite is actually true.  In truth, we’ve just not been as diligent about writing these posts.

So, what’s been going on.

We’ve release on average twice per week for the last 6 weeks, with a brilliant release going live last week.




This has been a long time coming, but at last it’s here.  We’re pleased to announce the first two widgets on the reporting dashboard, jobs by month and estimates by month.  These brilliant, simple widgets let you keep track of the number of jobs your business has created (which haven’t been deleted or aborted) each month and the number of estimates you’ve raised and the value of those estimates each month. 


What’s going next?

We’re planning another 3 widgets in the next two weeks.  Sales by month, allowing you to track how much revenue your business is generating each month.  First time fix rate, letting you track what percentage of your jobs get completed with a single visit, this is a vital KPI for most service/maintenance businesses who want to cut down the cost of servicing customers.  Estimated rejections by reason, this is a simple pie chart that will help you identify the main reasons why you’re loosing out on winning business. 

All these widgets are designed to help you get better insight into how your business is operating and will let you make strategic changes to improve the way your business operates.

Significant progress on infrastructure


Over the last few weeks we’ve been making significant changes to our server infrastructure to improve reliability of performance.  The first happened two weeks ago where we moved a significant portion of our background processes, file storage and background queuing systems onto their own micro-services.  Last weekend we moved the mobile syncing platform, increasing it’s available resources by 400%, giving our mobile applications more stable, more reliable syncing.

We’re positioning ourselves for a number of other major changes to our infrastructure in the coming months as we continue to learn, adapt and improve how the software behaves as we continue to scale up our operations and bring larger and larger enterprise size clients onboard.

Bug fixes and minor improvements

There have been hundreds of bug fixes and minor improvements in the last 6 weeks.  These include small changes to simple things like helping clients who use window envelopes to setup their margins so the address fits nicely within the envelope, improvements to the custom certificate, improvements to our API, hundreds of small enhancements to our accounting integration.  The list is extensive, each improvement and bug fix brings us closer to a more stable, more usable system for all users.

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