Customised payment receipt emails

Lauren Burgess

At the end of the day, getting paid is the most important part of running your field service business. You need to keep paying your engineers’ salaries, be able to afford the right parts and equipment and invest in the technology that allows you to grow. Commusoft offers multiple features that can decrease the chances of jobs going unpaid, but until recently we didn’t have anything that allowed you to acknowledge the receipt of a payment and thank your customers.

We’ve now created the option to design a customised email that is sent to your customer when a payment is made against an invoice. Using our dynamic tagging system, each email sent will be personalised with whatever you’d like to include. 

Payment receipt messages are a great way of letting you customer know that their payment has been processed and they’ve been scratched off your list of debtors. It’s also a good opportunity to request referrals, ask for reviews or simply thank them for choosing your business.

To create your own payment receipt email, navigate to your system settings, scroll down to the invoicing section and choose “Payment receipt email message.” Here, you can create an appropriate subject line and populate the body of your email. Use the tags on the side to personalise the content.

Payment Receipt Email

This allows you to create an email that states the amount paid, the method of payment and the date that it was received.

This email will go out when you click the “Email payment” button from the payment screen.

A big thanks to Custom Heat for suggesting this feature — we’re always open to hearing your thoughts and regularly implement client suggestions. If you’d like to make a suggestion of your own you can do so here.

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