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This week, thanks to the several clients that requested this change, we're happy to announce an update to how name tags work in Commusoft.

You can now customise exactly how a name tag displays in your communication templates, giving you control over the title, first name, and last name. This means you have greater flexibility in the style and tone of your emails, SMS, and letters sent from Commusoft. After all, always addressing a customer or contact with their title and full name may feel overly formal, especially for quick updates like job reminders or sending the engineer profile portal.

Check out below to see how you can modify name tags in Commusoft to best suit your needs.

How do name tags work?

To modify a name tag, simply add a name tag and then edit it by adding a colon followed by either title, firstname, or lastname - or any combination of those 3 options to control how the name will display in the final communication. For example:
  • Hello, [job_contact_name] ➡️ Hello, Mrs Sue Smith
    • Unmodified name tags display the title, first name, and last name

  • Hello, [job_contact_name:title lastname] ➡️ Hello, Mrs Smith
    • With this modification, the name tag does not show the first name
  • Hello, [job_contact_name:firstname lastname] ➡️ Hello, Sue Smith
    • This modification removes the title from the name
  • Hello, [job_contact_name:firstname] ➡️ Hello, Sue
    • This modification displays only the first name

Note: It's important to match the styling as above, for example, make sure you don't put a space after the colon or between 'first' and 'name'. Additionally, only 'lastname' is accepted, so, please do not enter 'surname'.

Of course, you will need to update your existing communication templates in Commusoft if you wish to deviate from the standard name format. Check out the video below to see how this looks in practice:

Which tags does this work for?

Any name tags in Commusoft will allow you to modify how they display. The full list is:

  • [engineer_name]
  • [diary_engineer]
  • [customer_name]
  • [work_address_name]
  • [job_contact_name]
  • [estimate_contact_name]
  • [landlord_name]
  • [invoice_address_name]

We hope this update is helpful and allows you to set up your communications just as you'd like them!

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