Customisable payment on completion message and some small improvements

Lauren Burgess

Allowing creditor days for your customers is just one of the ways you can help them spread the cost of your services and demonstrate your trust in them. After all — if they decide they aren’t going to pay up, it’s you who will have to foot the bill for debt chasing. As part of our ongoing efforts to give you more control over the presentation of invoices and when and how your customers pay you, we’ve added a new option that can help you customise your invoices even further.

We recently posted about the “debt bubble” that was introduced so you can see at a glance exactly how much a customer owes you. One way that you can reduce the numbers you see in this bubble is to disallow creditor days and stipulate that invoices must be paid in full on completion of the work.

If you’re not sure how to set this up, follow the instructions below. If you’ve already done it, skip ahead to the update.

Navigate to system settings and go into creditor days (you can find this under the customer information section). Here, create a new option for creditor days and use 0 as the figure.

 If you’d like to change your policy so that all works performed by your engineers are to be paid on completion, you can set this as your new default for creditor days. If it’s only a few customers that you feel need this in place, you can apply it to just those individuals.

To do this, access advanced options at the bottom of the screen and select view customers. Here, you’ll see a complete list of your customers alongside their current creditor days. Click edit to update the figure and save it. We’ve also provided handy filters on this page so you can view all customers of a particular type, or with a certain number of creditor days.

Customisable payment on completion message

So now you have your chosen customers on 0 creditor days, you can use our update to customise the message they see on their invoice. Before now, we’ve defaulted to “Payment on completion” but you can now change this to read anything you wish. For example, you might like to say “Payment on receipt” or “Payment due immediately.” You can do this by navigating to the payment on completion message in the invoicing section of system settings. 

We’d like to thank Nina at Purple Plumbing and Gas who made this request via an email to support in January 2016. Yes, a full year ago! It’s a small change, but we knew it added value and we made the decision to implement it — we don’t forget your suggestions and we’re always open to changes that improve your experience with Commusoft, so don’t be shy!

Additional recent improvements

We’ve been reviewing some of our technical processes and have identified a few opportunities for speeding up and smoothing out some aspects of the web application. Over the past few weeks, we’ve:

  • Optimised various processes within estimates
  • Made accessing data audits much faster
  • Improved the QuickBooks integration by speeding up some processes

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As always, if you have any problems, please get in touch with support at and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’d like to leave us a review, you can do so here.

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