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Available on Commusoft's Customer Journey plan, the new customer portal is a fantastic way to keep your customers up to date, reduce queries into your office, and offer an even more professional service. If you work with estate agents and landlords, this tool will be especially useful for them to keep tabs on their hundreds of properties and the work you conduct for them.


Whilst we already offer various portals for one-time actions (like paying an invoice or accepting a quote), we previously had no way for your customers to view their job records and documents at their own speed via a secure login - but that's all changed.

As the customer portal gives your customers access to a range of information and functions, we've broken this blog down to cover everything:

As mentioned, the customer portal is only available on the Customer Journey plan and above. For more details on this plan and how to upgrade, please book a call with the team.

What can customers do and access?

Once logged in, customers can access each section of the customer portal with the simple navigation bar on the left side of the screen. 

Property and work details

The properties tab shows every property logged against that customer in your Commusoft account. For example, if 'ABC Estate Agents' has 250 properties, all of those will display - and the search bar makes it easy for customers to find specific properties in seconds. With just a click, customers can view a list of every job and estimate against each property and see if it's ongoing or completed.


With one more click, they can take a deeper dive into each job itself and get a full overview...

Job overviews

From the job/estimate overview screen, your customers can see exactly what's gone on with that job. Diary appointments, photos and attached files, completed certificates and forms, as well as the final job report are all viewable. The job report PDF can easily be downloaded and printed too.



From the invoices tab your customers can view a full list of every invoice they've ever received from you. To make things really clear and visual, any unpaid invoices are marked in red so customers can instantly recognise their unpaid debts. Of course, the PDF invoice can be downloaded and printed too, helping reduce queries from customers or tenants who have misplaced an invoice.



We know that a common customer query (especially from landlords and estate agents) is for copies of old certificates, perhaps done the year before or even longer ago. To avoid your team having to handle such tedious requests, the customer portal provides access to every certificate you've ever completed for them. Customers can easily search by property and certificate type to find what they need - and just as job reports and invoices, they can download and print the certificate PDF too.


To help avoid customers contacting you for job updates, like whether a tenant service has been booked or completed yet, the customer portal displays every appointment for the customer and which property they were for. The huge benefit here is that the 'Status' column is updated in real time, so customers can instantly see what's going on without having to ask your team.


Add new properties

From the properties tab, customers have the ability to add new properties (work addresses), which will then sync into your Commusoft database against the corresponding customer. This makes it easy for landlords and estate agents to add any new properties they may now be managing.

Add new jobs

The final feature of the customer portal is the ability to add new jobs. At anytime customers can click the + button in the top left corner to add a job. They'll then be able to choose which property the job is for, set the job description, add notes, add photos, add a reference, and indicate the priority of the work. This job then comes through into your Commusoft system ready for you to schedule. Again, this is fantastic for landlords and estate agents - when they receive a tenant request for a service, they simply add it via the customer portal - and you can then contact the tenant to arrange access.

Don't forget, for full online appointment scheduling, we also offer our online booking feature where customers can select an exact date and time for their appointment.

How do you invite customers?

customer portal quick links

The customer portal is incredibly easy to use from your perspective - and if you're already on our Customer Journey plan you can get started today!

Simply invite a customer to access their customer portal via the Quick links button on the customer record.

Once you've done that, the customer will receive an email inviting them to sign up to Commusoft's customer portal ( They can then create a username and password to provide secure access to the portal.

That's all there is to it! Remember, when you invite a customer to use the customer portal, they'll receive access to the records for every work address added against that customer - so make sure you wish to provide that data before sharing.

Support for multiple contractors

One last thing to mention! The customer portal can support multiple contractors - as long as they all use Commusoft. So for example, if one of your estate agents that you work with also works with another field service company (who uses Commusoft too), both companies can invite the customer to use the same portal. Instead of having two different customer portals, the customer can access both company's information from their single portal login, which is extremely convenient for the end customer. Please note, this does not share any of your job data with the other contractor.

Don't forget, this powerful feature built to empower your customers and cut back on queries is now available on Commusoft's Customer Journey plan. Get in touch to learn more.

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